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Monday, November 2, 2015

Mesilla, New Mexico

Hi all,
Onward we go, we left Alamogordo with a few days to go before needing to be at Roper Lake. We picked the Dreamcatcher RV Resort in Deming, N.M. Dreamcatcher is a Escapee Park and we had stayed here two years ago on our way west. A no frills park we planned to hang out a few days catch up on wash,eat some New Mexican fare and clean up the rig.
 We had one day where we planned to drive to Las Cruces and hit up a farmers market and craft sale that Wendy had read about. We set the GPS  and off we went for the 50 mile trip. We found a nearby parking area and followed a good crowd of younger folk thinking they must know the way. Well we sure couldn't find or see anything that looked like a market. We finally came upon some folks with RV club jackets and figured they would know. Well as it turns out they occasionally run the market on evenings and sadly this was one.
 Well on to plan B, Wendy had read of an old New Mexican town nearby that had some shops and museums we could check out.
 Mesilla is one of the most colorful and historic towns in New Mexico. In 1861 Mesilla was declared the capitol of New Mexico and Arizona territories. In 1881 the railroad wanted to go through Mesilla but was denied by the people. Las Cruces allowed the train passage and was soon grew while Mesilla population tumbled, it wasn't long before Las Cruces took the role as county seat.
 Mesilla had a rough and rowdy past with lawlessness and much bloodshed. Billy the Kid and many outlaws also contributed to the wild living. Billy was tried in a building on the south side of the Plaza.
 He was tried and sentenced to hang for the murder of Sherriff Brady. He was taken to the courthouse at Lincoln, N. M. where he escaped.

 The Mesilla Plaza is now a registered national monument. Many of the old adobe buildings are now shops and museums well worth a nice stroll through. While there Wendy and I had nice meal at La Posta Restaurant & Cantina, one of the oldest continuing restaurants in New Mexico
 Plan B turned out pretty good again showing sometimes the best plan is not always  the most planned.

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