Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

        Happy Memorial Day, thanks to all of the people who have serviced our country.
 Well it has been quite a week for us. We had a offer come to us on the house on Monday. It surprised us as we had one very interested lady that had viewed the house a couple times and was trying to complete finance details. Well we had a showing with someone on Monday from 3-4 and a offer by 5. Can't believe someone only looks at it once and does that.
   On Thursday we had the house inspection. I was a bit worried how that might go. When you live in a place as long as we have(28 yr.) you just never know what they might find. As I thought about it the only inspection before we moved in was with Wendy's dad.
  We viewed the 44 page report and there were probably a dozen items recommended for repair. I was a bit freaking out figuring this was going to cost us alot of time and money. On Friday the realtor said the buyers are only requiring 2 things fixed. The chimney needs some brick and tuck work and skylights need to be reflashed. We couldn't believe it but we are super happy.
  The offer came in at 5,000 less than listed which was probably as best we could have hoped for. As it was we were almost to the point of lowering the price to refreshen it on the market.
   So now the race begins, we close July 2, on a Monday. We are also camping that weekend so we have to be out by June 29. We are going to have the busiest month of our lives. We have a wedding on one Sat. and a grandson(Alex) graduation, party another weekend.
 We need to get items ready and have a rummage sale one weekend. With a few trips to goodwill.
  So after camping at Ottowa State Park for the 4th we will move to Country View campground just outside of Mukwonago. We will call that home til October when we will head out to really begin the life we have been planning for so long.

Big, heavy box TV gone

We now have a 12" Tv in the house.

Pictures up. Really like the sticky frames.

Monday, May 21, 2012

A great finish after a great weekend !

 This past weekend we had our Excel of WI Spring outing. We took Friday. off and headed to Eagle River (5 1/2 hr drive). We didn't leave until 2:00 on Thur. so it was almost 8 when we arrived. We set up and then walked around to see who came up early. Almost all the couples in our club are retired except for us and one other lady. Counted 11 rigs and no one around. They all had gone out to eat.
  Friday morning we talked the other members. Only one other couple would be coming. So we had 13 rigs. Some of the guys went golfing and some of the ladies went shopping. Others went off to town.
 We headed northwest to Star Lake for a hike. There was a nice 2.5 mile trail that went along the lake. It was a beautiful 80 degree day with a nice breeze. We saw a couple of loons on the lake. The water was so clear and inviting. So when we found a nice sandy spot we had to put our feet in. We didn't see anyone until the end of the trail

  At 5:00 we  headed out for a fish fry at the VFW. When we came back it was time for a campfire and more catching up.
  Saturday morning we all enjoyed biscuits and gravy for breakfast. After breakfast was our meeting.  Our wagon masters had a boat ride planned for us. By noon we loaded up 3 pontoon boats.  The weather was 86 degrees (a record high) and a bit breezy. A couple of times a boat had to circle around to fish someones hat out of the water. We traveled through a few of the chain of lakes. saw 3 eagles flying around and also a nest. Once in awhile you could see a head pop up in the nest. We were on the water for about 3 hours. I think we got our summer tans started.

  We had a great spaghetti dinner and then watched "The Long, Long Trailer" with Lucile Ball. After the movie, we enjoyed cake and ice cream. It was for Jerry & Dori's 50th anniversary.
  Sunday moring we had muffins for breakfast. Everyone brought 6 each so we had a varity. Everyone packed up and headed out. Half way home we dropped our camper at my parents. We will be headed up there on Friday for the weekend.
   Well today we had a showing of the house from 3-4. Drumroll----- Before 5:00 we had a offer to purchase! Went over the contract and signed it. If all goes well, we'll be houseless July 2. Fulltime here we come ready or not : ).

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mothers Day/ Bday

  Well, another great weekend has passed. Wendy had went to paint a bathroom at her moms house. Wendy and her sisters have been helping their mom declutter and clean. It was a nice thing to do and gave her a nice visit also.
  I on the other hand went fishing. Well it was my birthday weekend and Wendy was nice letting me go.
  I picked up grandson Noah and we spent the weekend with brother in law Sonny. We headed out early Saturday for our favorite fishin hole near Lodi. We had fished this lake many times in spring and would do well catching crappies or bluegills. This time we got on the gills and were lucky getting our 75 limit in 3+ hrs.
 They were not to bad size.  
 Sonny also was reeling in a 7 lb. carp, a nice bass( Noah did a super job netting as it fell off the hook at the boat).  Sonny's real prize was a little bullhead(he hates them).

  We called it a early day on Sunday- fishin til 10 so we could go back and spend some time with the moms on Mothers Day. Wendy had finished up and drove down for lunch with us. The weather was gorgeous, we thank Patsy and Sonny for their great hospitality and making it a super birthday weekend. Plus nothing better than getting a chance to fish with one of my grandsons.

 This weekend will find us travelin to Eagle River, Wi. to spend with our Excel camping club. We are taking off Fri. and Mon. so looking forward to that.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend at Bong

  Had a very nice weekend camping with 3 of our grandkids. We had a short 20 mi. drive to camp at Bong State Park. We really like this park, it has a small lake for fishing and beach when it gets warmer.
 There are also many good hiking trails to choose from. There are quite a few geocaches also around the park.
 This weekend was mainly about fishing- it was the opening weekend of fishing and Noah loves to fish. We usually fish off the pier or off shore. We caught a few small bass, bluegill and one small northern. Noah also fished a urban pond and caught a couple nice trout. Nothing great , but at least not skunked.

We had a couple nice campfires and enjoyed our first smores of the year :). We also made monkey bread on Sat. We used a small dutch oven and cut our normal recipe in half- turned out great- yum!

Here are the boys at the playground.

Noah, Lukas, & Isaiah
On Sunday storms were moving in so we got packed and on the way home before some serious rain hit.   

                                                  Overall a great weekend !!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Looking forward

  That's what we have been doing for a long time. For now we are looking forward to the weekend. We will be going camping at Bong State Park with our grandsons. Noah (14) and Lukas (8) will do some fishing with grandpa. We usually just take the 2 boys, but I know Isaiah (3 1/2) will want to come. He loves camping and is big enough to tag along.
  Most of the week I have been in the camper going through every cupboard and drawer taking things out and rearranging stuff. Still have empty spaces to fill. Don't know if they all will get filled. As I go through the house there doesn't seem like that much more stuff to put out there. That will change.
  Had another Open House last Sunday. One group of people came 20 min. before the time and wandered the yard. The house has been on the market for almost 4 months and hopefully soon the right person will come along.
  Not much else is exciting happening around here. Got the fixins for smores and monkey bread (in the dutch oven) packed. We'll let you know how the weekend turned out. :)