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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Party Time

   Had to go show off the new truck on Saturday morning. Then it was time to get ready for 2 parties later in the day. While I was making some Watermelon Salsa (recipe to follow) for one party, Ray was putting things back in the new truck.

Rita,Wendy, Tom, Sue and Tammy
  The 1st party was for a long time friend, Rita. Her six daughters threw her a surprise party for her 60th birthday. We had a great time visiting with friends we haven't seen in years. We really wanted to stay longer but we had another party to go to. Hopefully we will get together before we hit the road.

 The next party was a 40th Anniversary gathering at a Balloon Rally for Rays sister Darlene and her husband Dennis. Their son Kevin and his wife Jodi, also have the same anniversary date. They were celebrating their 12th anniversary.
Dennis, Darlene, Jodi and Kevin

 There was alot of traffic in the small town for the rally. We had the truck so it was hard to find a spot to park. Found one about a 1/2 mile away (here starts the extra exercise). There were about 10  balloons that setup for the balloon glow.

  Sunday we went to Maxwell Street (flea market) and hung out at the campground. We did go swimming after most of the weekend campers left.
 Monday we had to do paper work for registering the truck for SD. Alternative Resources has a vehicle registration consultant (Karen). She helped us fill out all the papers over the phone. One paper needed to be notarize (Affidavit claiming lack of "residence post office address"). The lady at the bank asked if our address was correct on our driver license and we told her no. She said she need something official with our new address on. We didn't have anything because we are getting our drivers license next month. We explained that the paper states we don't have a SD license and a place we actually live. After she reread the paper, she put down our old address and stamped the paper. Whew..  I guess we'll have to get use to explaining how we live.

   Watermelon Salsa

2 cups seeded & coarsely chopped watermelon
2 TBS chopped onions
3 TBS seeded chopped Jalapeno chile pepper
2 TBS balsamic vinegar
1/4 tsp garlic salt

Mix together in serving bowl. Cover & refrigerate for at least one hour. Serve with chips.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Big news!

Ok, in the last blog I said be ready for the next big news.  Well are you ready?- drum roll please.
  We got a new truck!!!

Well new to us anyway. It is a 2008 Chevy 3500 dually extended cab, 26,400 mi.
  On June 28th when we pulled out from home we had taken camper and 2004 truck to get weights.
  We were a fair bit overweight on the truck and tire capacities. In debate we thought it best to find a dually to give us a better safety factor.
  The 2004 had served us well for 5 years.  Maybe I shouldn't have weighed it, we would probably have kept it.
 Buying the truck was a tough decision to make, but for many reasons it was the right thing to do.
 One thing, I knew the 04 truck had been in an accident before we bought it.  When getting the trade price I
was told it was a roll over. Guess that explains the noisy air infiltration by doors.
 So I am excited to hit the road with it. It will be the first time we have had a vehicle with the fancies.(leather,elec. skylight,premium stereo,etc.).
 I just told Wendy we will be eating wienie water soup for a while. '  )
 It will be a learning process driving a dually, but now I will start getting that extra exercise I have been meaning to get. Nothing like parking at the further points in parking lots or maybe down the block : )
  Wendy told  me we are getting a truck with hips. Boy I laughed and can't get that out of my mind.
    Thanks to Harry and Jessica setting us straight on removing verification to post comments. It should be easier to comment. We are not the most savvy on this, but learning as we go.
  Welcome new member Travelbug Susan, it is neat to read others adventures to.

 While waiting for the hitch installation we took a nice stroll by Dubuque, Iowa. And we managed to stay out of the luring casinos.

On the trip back to Cuba City, Wi on Hwy. 11 I had to stop and hit reverse to get pics of these creations of prehistoric cow art.
Years ago we had seen a house maybe just moved or about to be and they had strategically placed what looked to be witches legs. ala Wizard of Oz. I always wished I had taken a pic. So now I try and make the effort to go back and get the shot. You may never go that way again.
  Thanks for checkin in.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

RV living week 3

So, week 3 of living in RV. We are docked at Country Veiw Campground, just outside our hometown of Mukwonago, WI.
 We do know the air conditioner works quite well in 100 degree weather.
Sure am glad there is only the monthly rate. We are paying $475 a month and have electric,water and sewer. I think that is a super rate.
  The park is located high on a hill and if not for the severe heat we get a good breeze and would not have to run a.c. to much.
 They do have a small pool, nothing fancy-but it was clean. The road entering is a bit rough, makes me wonder why they need added speed bumps.
                                              Oh, and a little petting zoo to.

                                                                                                    Seems a nice quiet park. They do not do the weekend features that many private parks do. About the only thing is  when concerts are going on at Alpine Valley. Jimmy Buffet weekend is always booked far in advance. Overall not to bad a place to call home (for a bit).
   We have been very busy tying up loose ends before fulltiming. You can't get real numbers on insurances more than 60 days out. We do have our auto and camper insurance set to change to South Dakota Aug. 20.   That is when we will get our South Dakota licence and register our vehicles there.
   The reasons people choose to become South Dakota residents are:
 1.) No state income tax
 2.) No inheritance tax (not worrying bout that one:)
 3.) No vehicle safety inspections
 4.)  4% merchandise tax. Only 3% on vehicles
 5.) Easy to obtain Drivers licence.
   They have one very strict rule to be a resident and that is you must show you stayed there for one night. Hotel or campground receipt is mandatory. And you have to do that every 5 years. Ooh tough.
 There are many people doing this so they make dealing with you very easy.
  The other main places people fulltime from are Texas and Florida.
    Had a good time Sat. attending a free concert in the park. Nice time with Wendy's bro and his girlfriend Lyn.
Wendy says that this is the type entertainment we will search out when we go fulltime.(FREE).

Thanks for reading- please comment in- and stay tuned for the next big news- (teaser).  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Time flys

 It's been a few busy days, time to catch up. The weather has been so hot. The air conditioner has been keeping the camper nice and cool. We have been going to the beach and swimming. Some of the nights were just to hot to start a campfire to sit by.
  On Thursday night we went to Summerfest to see Zac Brown. Decided to take the shuttle in to avoid the hassle of parking. Instead of a coach bus we got a school bus. No air. So glad to get down to the lake front...not much difference in the temp and no breeze. Found some cold drinks & food and listened to some of the music on the smaller stages. Went to the main stage to hear the bands before Zac Brown played. They were not that great. Zac came on about 9:40. Most of the time we had to stand. By 11:15 it seemed like it got hotter out. The music was great.
  We ended up on a coach bus back to our car. A.C.!! Driving back to the campground the temp outside was 86 and it was after midnight.
  On Friday we moved from the campground to my brothers driveway. Went to Culver's for supper and then a swim  at the swimming hole. Both Ray and I spent many of our summer days there when we were kids.

   Sat. morning we helped Randy with the deck he is adding to his house. Ray helped till noon.

 In the afternoon we had our annual 50's Whiners Party. A group of our high school friends get together for a picnic on a lake that one couple live on. This year the group was pretty small.

We had a good time and hopefully we'll see the others from our group before we hit the road. On Sunday we helped on the deck most of the day. Grilled out supper and relaxed. Today it was back to work ( Ray had 6 vacation days).  We also moved from the driveway to Country View Campground. We'll be here for a month, then it's off to North Dakota and South Dakota. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July

 Great couple of first days being homeless. Wendy says not homeless, just house less-ok.
 The weather has been hot, but thankfully Ottawa State park has a very nice beach and swimming lake.
 We are camping with our youngest daughter Colleen, her husband and 3 of their boys. They also brought a 14 yr. old nephew who's from Peru. It has been interesting as he speaks no English. Colleen teaches Spanish and her husband is from Mexico so they can translate.
 I stopped to chat with one of the camp host yesterday. Many times I have done this as I have learned a lot from the different ways many of them live. Some are fulltime campers and some are just locals who enjoy the parks and hosting.
  I thought I remembered this host from a previous visit and was correct. Richard has been hosting here for 3 years. He is from Florida but has a son living in the area so it makes a good way to spend time with him. As we chatted he asked if we wrote a blog and I couldn't believe he said they have read it.
 I had hoped to meet some fellow bloggers and didn't think we'd run into some one so soon.
 Richard said he thought of writing one and I said it would be great to read of his hosting adventures. He has also hosted at other places. Hopefully he will.
  By the way one of Richards duties is to rise early and rake the beach. He uses a 6 wheeler for this but also a lot of hand work filling in holes. He does a super job and the beach looks great every morning. Most people don't realize someone even having to do this.
 Thanks Richard- good job!

                        We're enjoying the beach. The weather has been in the upper 90's.

                                                             Isaiah and Grandpa
                                                Have a happy and safe 4th of July.