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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Counting Down

Hi all,
The countdown is on, only 10 more working days and then we are out of here. 
That only leaves four off days to do stuff here.
 Time to get busy with some last visits and trips to our favorite places one more time. I got in one last trip to Cold Brook Reservoir to get one more limit of crappie. We got a nice sunny 80 degree day and the fish just jumped in the boat.(haha)
Yes the water is that clear

 Wendy and I spent a day bumming around beautiful Lake Sylvan and visiting with Bill the host there.
Sylvan Lake
Another day we hiked the Coolidge Walk In Trail a 3 mile one way trail that includes 15 creek crossings. It was nice to see all the crossings are now fixed with boards which should help with erosion of banks in some areas.

 We had been waiting for some fall color change to take a drive up to Spearfish Canyon Scenic Highway. Monday was the day, Al and Nancy who are hosting at Center Lake joined us. Wow! did we hit it right,  80 degrees and blue skies and the fall colors were popping.
 We made a bunch of pull offs each time just in awe of the beauty. Two required stops along the scenic highway are Roughlock and Bridal Veil Falls. We took a short walk from the Roughlock along the Spearfish Creek.

 We took a break for a nice lunch in Spearfish then decided to tour the DC Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery. We had done this before but was a first for Al and Nancy.
 Established in 1896 between 20,000 and 30,000 rainbow trout are provided from here yearly. The grounds are visitor friendly as you are allowed to purchase and feed the fish. Also on grounds is a replica traincar that was used to transport fish in the early years. We also toured the house of DC Booth the first manager that was built in 1905.

  The next two weeks will go fast as we have training for the buffalo round that takes place on Sept.30. That is a big weekend here as they also have a craft fair in the park and a chili cookoff going on.

Wendy's work for the craft fair


  1. We never got to the fish hatchery, and we really wanted to compare it to our job in Oregon. Spearfish Canyon is really starting to get the fall colors!

  2. So envious of your time in that area. We loved Sylvan Lake and Spearfish Canyon. When we went to Spearfish Canyon a few years ago, Bridal Veil falls was only a thin trickle of water. I didn't recognize it in your photo! Great blog. Wendy, did you make those baskets? They're lovely!!

  3. Spearfish Canyon is one of our favorites. We drove it each fall when we lived in Eastern Wyoming. Good luck at the craft fair!