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Monday, November 7, 2016

The Great Omelet Fest

Hi all,
Well we were suppose to leave out today from Betty's but we just might stay one more day.  Extending time here is a normal ritual( getting caught in Betty's web) for rver's here many times requiring another ritual the Betty Shuffle( relocating campers  in the park to accommodate). Both of our previous stays here had us extending as we were just having to much fun, and a steady rain has changed our plans this time. We had been having great weather and so a little rain won't dampen our spirits to much.
 This past weekend was the famous or not so famous Omelet Fest in Abbeville. The history of the great omelet goes back to Napoleon traveling in south France, a innkeeper prepared a omelet for him that so impressed him he ordered them to gather all the eggs in the village and create an omelet for his army.
moving pan over the fire

paddles for stirring

onions and green peppers added

next the eggs

kids 500 egg omelette

 In 1984 three Abbeville dignitaries traveled to Bessieres, France where they attended the event . They were later knighted Chevaliers(chefs) allowing them to bring the tradition  home to begin to Abbeville. There are now seven cities annually holding the international event.
 So it began as 5000 eggs the first year and every year one egg is added, so this year was a 5032 egg omelet. In the creating of the omelet each city has its own special ingredient, although Abbeville has been allowed to add two. Tabasco which is produced just a few miles away and also local grown crawfish are added to the mix.
 They also have a smaller 500 egg omelet produced by junior Chevaliers.

serving the omelette (scrambled eggs)

 The event is now a two day affair with a craft sale, fun runs, music, and lots of great Cajun food.
 This year they had a show called Small Towns Big Deal that airs on the RFD channel taking part and filming the event. We do not know when it will be shown but they will announce it on a web page later.

 Saturday Wendy and I attended the craft fair and listened to some of the music then we headed out to attend another local tradition a Cajun jam session. Local musicians gather to carry on the French tradition of lively music and dance. It is held weekly alternating at a two different bars in the area.
 It is just great music and amazing as these talented people just show up to perform free, and heck you don't even have to understand it to enjoy as much of it is in French dialect.


  1. Loved the omelette fest, thanks for the post.

  2. I think we had just missed the omelette festival when we were there. It would be a fun time!