Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Meanwhile Back at the Farm

Hi all,
The vacation with the kids is over and we are happy to get back to a more normal routine. Although it was fun we were pretty wore out and took a couple days to recoup.
 We have our RV septic all planned out and as soon as we can get the backhoe we will tackle that. That will complete our full hook up sites so anyone passing by or looking to just hang out on the farm is welcome.
gravel pad
 So back to normal is doing some odd jobs around the place. Usually Amanda plans one weekend day as a work day and really get in to some projects. Wendy and her were cleaning the flower beds and adding new mulch. Patrick was pruning the fast growing crepe myrtles. I was floating between helping where I could.

 During the week Wendy and I got back on our long term fence painting job. We made good progress but I think when we get done it will be time to start on it again. Joking.
 Wendy has tried to get back into making some new baskets, with so much other stuff going on she has not done as much as she would have liked.

 Wendy put finishing touches on a bathroom remodel. Pat picked a nautical theme and though a small bathroom they had fun with the change.
 We have been discussing summer travel plans but it has been hard as we don't fully know if I will need more follow up pulmonary care. We have a couple appointments in March and will see how things go.
Saw this little guy along the road