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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring Has Sprung

Hi all,
Happy Spring to you all. Time to think flowers, gardens, and summer plans.
We have had some difficulty with the garden here. Usually the weather allows for early planting and we jumped right on it. Bad news as a hard 27 degree freeze struck and even with covering some things in the garden much was lost. The worst hit was two peach trees that were really looking promising with a lot of young fruit already. We covered them with sheets but they still froze, losing all.
Moved the RV over to the completed site.

Notice the brown beyond the garden
 In the garden not only the freeze but a overeating bunny wiped about half of it out. But at least with the garden we can replant and still get a crop.
 Another thing down here has been a severely dry winter and spring thus far. Wendy and I think we have only seen 4-5 rainy days since November. Everything is usually totally green and lawns needing mowing by this time. Now everything is just brown unless you are irrigating, not usual for spring in Florida.
 One afternoon I spotted smoke down the road, as there is only one other occupied house on this road we hopped on the 4 wheeler to check it out. We watched as a grass fire quickly pushed toward some pines thankfully the wind pushing away from the residence. We heard dozers making a track around the fire and soon saw fire departments  able to contain it.
 Spring is festival and fair time in Florida squeezing them in before the weather heats up. We made a short drive to Valdosta GA for the annual Azalea Festival. Not to big but nice to get some festival food in.
 We had a fun weekend last week spending time at the Suwannee County Fair. We went on Saturday night to see the demo derby which was cool but didn't get much of a turnout of competitors.

 On Sunday we headed to Lake City to attend a rodeo. Yes they do have horses and rodeos in Florida. Pat's mom Gayle who has been visiting from WI had never been to a rodeo. Amanda also invited Andrea a coworker who was brought up in Peru, a rodeo was new to her also.
 Armadillo Acres had another goat spurt recently. As we had just had the first set of triplets at the last post two more goat mommas had their first kids.
 On March 14 Lucky Bobbi had a baby girl. Wendy had found her secluded and coaxed her to the goat house. Amanda came home at lunch to check and ended up donning the rubber gloves and assisting the birth. I never thought Amanda would turn out to be this farm girl actually helping with births, but just shows you can do anything you set your mind to. With the trouble she gave at birth the new kid received the fitting name Trouble.
 Not done yet on the 15th Judy Smores gave birth to a set of twins girls. The births of Chloe and Zoey went along smoothly although momma did not want to clean them after birth and took some coaxing to allow her to let them nurse. We were thankful she finally succumbed saving us bottle feedings every 4-6 hours.

Max ready for the dog days of summer


  1. You guys have a regular ole' petting zoo there! The baby goats are so cute!

  2. Such fun.

    You know, we have had 4 - 5 without rain since we got here in early February.