Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy Easter

Hi all,
Hope everyone had a joyous Easter. Ours was pretty good spent here on the farm with Amanda and Pat. We got in a nice video chat with Colleen and the boys. Wendy cooked us a delicious ham dinner and we totally over stuffed ourselves.
 It has been pretty quiet around here, we haven't had any new goat babies in a while. We have begun mowing the lawn and the garden is looking pretty decent.

We had seen some action around the bluebird house I had made two years ago. After seeing a nest and egg in side I made a few more and have been seeing activity near them.

 This week I spent time building a few bee traps. They have these large carpenter bees that are really damaging some of the wood around the shed. From what I have read these bees are not good pollinators so hopefully we can just get them to lessen some of the damage they are doing.
 The last couple weekends we checked out a couple area festivals. A strawberry fest was held in Starke, a nice medium sized festival they had a good amount of craft booths, some music, and of course we got in on the strawberry shortcake. Wendy even picked up a flat of berries so we got to spend an afternoon making some homemade jam.

 This weekend we found a catfish festival at nearby Branford. This was only about the third year and still pretty small. We did get a good catfish lunch and heard some local musicians that were good.
 Hopefully our plans for the upcoming summer can start to unfold. I have appointments at Mayo clinic in Jacksonville and although there will be no definitive answers we hope we can get a better idea of where I stand now and for the future.