Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Monday, July 3, 2017

The Next Big Adventure

Hi all,
 The Fourth of July is fast approaching, hope you have some great plans to celebrate. Y'all remember to keep safe as them roadways will be packed.
 Wendy last left you with a teaser of some big changes coming our way. Well we done it, with a tear almost literally in my eye, we traded in the Excel RV and dually truck. This definitely was not in the plan but with my health issues we needed something easier to pack up and go. I looked at it as making the decision now sooner rather than later. Wendy keeps saying it's just a new adventure path for us.
 We figured we will be holding up here in Florida more and all we do in it is sleep and watch a little tv. The new unit also had to be something Wendy could handle setting up and driving.
 So what did we get?? We downsized quite a bit going to a small 25 foot Jayco Melbourne with 2 slides. We figure it will make some nice trips while we winter here and be a little easier to set up.
 We looked til our heads hurt but coming back to this unit. A big requirement to me was comfortable seating and this unit had added theater seats.
 To ease some of the pain Wendy allowed me to get a Wrangler Jeep as our tow vehicle. Something I have been wanting for some time.
Off for a ride with Mandy & Pat
 To do the switch, we emptied the 5th wheel and truck here. Let me tell you there was no way we thought we had so much stuff in that 5'er. We loaded the 4 wheeler up and made several trips to an extra bedroom in the house. Pat and Mandy couldn't believe how much we had. I thought we downsized five years ago but this is crazy. A storage shed may be in our future.
Part of the STUFF
 And then the fun of putting in what we wanted in the new little guy. Wendy would take a box of stuff out and then bring half of it back.

So now we can get on the road again, it has been fun here on the farm but not where we want to spend the summer months. (Temps have been in the low 90's.) We are grateful to Amanda and Pat for there open arms allowing us to stay as long as we needed. 0f course they will be the ones missing the good dinners Wendy had ready for them.
Sugar & Spice....newest members of the farm
 Our only travel plans are to meander up to Wisconsin and some much needed time with family & friends there.


  1. Congrats on your new rig! Looks awesome! We plan to downsize someday also, in a few years probably. It is always nice to have a new adventure. :)

  2. We were doing the same thing just a little later. It will be fun to meet up and we BOTH have new rig.


  3. Its a decision we will all face some day. Looks like a very nice rig. We will be in Nashville from the 6th to the 10th and then at the Escapees park in Heiskell, TN until the 17th. We will then be in Concord, NC until the end of the month. Give us a shout if you are near those places.

  4. I'm sure it was a hard decision, but best for you and Wendy. It looks like a perfect size for quick trips!

  5. Wow those theater seats look great! Safe travels

  6. Hey guys looks like a nice rig! Al wants to know if you have been off road with the jeep yet...If you come out this way give a shout. Take care!