Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Thursday, August 3, 2017

On the go

Hi all,
 Yeah, finally back in Wisconsin. We rolled into Country View just outside Mukwonago on Wednesday (July 19). This has been the park we have used most since going full time. Not loaded with much frills or activities it is located near family and friends.
 We wasted no time and began our visits with family. Our plan is to stay here a week then travel to central Wisconsin to visit Wendy's parents. There is a family reunion planned which will be nice as it has been a while since the whole family got together.
 On Thur. we stopped to visit Wendy's brother Randy and fianc√© Lyn. Then on Fri. a fish fry to celebrate my sister Darlene and Dennis 45th anniversary, also along for the celebration was my brother Russ and his wife Mary.
 Sat. we went with daughter Colleens family to the Farmers Market in Madison. None of us have gone, so we didn't know what to expect. The market is around the capital, you go one way around with the crowd. Lots of veggies, fruit and cheese. The capital is open so we took a little tour. We got to go to the observation deck.
Lukas, Colleen, Goyo, Isaiah
  After we ate our way around the market, we went to the Henry Vilas Zoo. This is a small free zoo.

 On Sunday we went for a ride on our son Nate's pontoon boat. Enjoyed a swim with the grandkids.

We also enjoyed a couple of visits with Dad at the nursing home.
We are now at Wendy's parent house until Sunday. Then we are headed to Green Bay and Upper Michigan for a couple of weeks. We will return back to Wendy's parents till after Labor Day then head back to the Mukwonago area to visit family and friends.


  1. Huh, I am your only commenter! Good job Ray. I sure hope we can find each other this winter.

  2. Nice to be with family for sure. We've decided to return to CA after our visit in PA and trip to Mississippi to get our punch list done on the RV. We love working here, and they like us too. Might as well take advantage of it!