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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lessons learned!!

     Okay, I will get the bad out right away-
 We weren't able to get our South Dakotas drivers licence.
 Ouch this hurts- We thought we had everything we needed- but seems the S.S. card I have been carrying since high school- and using for many things was incomplete. I was missing the top half.
 They allowed 2 other types of proof. 1 was a tax form.- Wait we sent all tax papers to daughters in N.C. (we wouldn't need them in the RV- wrong) The other acceptable form was a check stub with SS number on it. Had check stub- they no longer print a SS number on them.
 Okay a quick run to Social S. office and wallah- they will send me a duplicate in 7-10 days :(
 (note to George and Laurie the DMV is open Mondays at Minnhaha County Administration Building in downtown Sioux Falls)
 Okay you can imagine how we felt. Well this will be one to remember the journey by.
 We will make another run at it in a couple weeks. We will just drive the truck and do it in 2 days.

 Okay that's in the past- remember in earlier post I said we had a special stop on this vacation- well I know you've been on pins and needles waiting.

                                     The SPAM Museum in Austin, Minnesota.
 This is a must see- It has been there since 2002. It is very well done, informative and fun for all.
Oh and you can get different kinds there only. Bacon Spam, Jalapeno Spam, Hot and spicy Spam, Garlic, Cheese, Black pepper. WOW who knew. 

     Okay, if you weren't feeling sorry for us I got  a good one for you.
We go to hook up and notice our pipe that holds sewer hose leaking something- this don't look good.
  Seems we forgot to close black tank valve-Crap-
 Okay we luckily we were there just for the 1 night and couldn't be to bad.
 We pull as close to dump station and I don the rubber gloves and with very little spillage we emptied the tank. Whew!!- no Robin Williams moment.
 I guess we haven't done that before so lesson learned - right.- Okay now set up at Ottawa and Lukas says Grampa your dripping something- I check and valve is open again. We just got here and Wendy had cleaned the bowl- what the heck!!
 I start messing with handle and realize it is not working. And stuck open. Something feels detached- I almost empty basement trying to figure out what is wrong.  Wait go check the Internet- waste about 40 minutes and find nothing.
  Looking at the bottom I realize there is a board screwed that must be an access panel. I remove 8 screws and there nicely available is the valve gate. Seems the cable ( pretty much the same as a bike brake cable) has came loose.  I tightened it and can chalk up another lesson learned.
 Well overall we had a great vacation, saw a lot, and good time with family.
 We drove back to WI. and luckily got a site at Ottawa State Park until Labor Day weekend.

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  1. Thanks for the head's up on the DMV. Alt Resources told us no go Monday! We are taking our photo ID (passport & DL) and a W-2 to use. All of our things are in the RV basement, so we *should* be ok. Either way we're stopping at Alt Res first to say hi, pick up mail, and make sure our stuff is ok :)