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Sunday, August 12, 2012


  Yes, we are on (our last ?) vacation. We left on Thur.(8:30) morning with our grandsons Noah and Lukas. We met up with my bnl Randy and fiance Lyn. They had also brought a little friend of the family Katie, a good match for Lukas to play with.
  Destination- Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota.
  This should be interesting as we are both towing our rigs with new (to us) trucks.
 Started out as a cool cloudy day which later turned to rain. Oh well, the farmers really need that.
  We drove up through WI. towards Minneapolis. Wendy had picked out a couple campgrounds past there depending how we felt. The bypass 694 around Minneapolis was under much construction and was stop and go : (.  Not fun and the day was getting long we opted for the closest one.
  Day one ended at 4:30, St. Cloud Campground Minn. With driving through all the construction we were beat. We do look forward to keeping the drives shorter when we fulltime.

 Day 2 took us though Minnesota and a must stop in Fargo to see the famous shredder from the movie. Randy and Lyn were a bit in the dark on this not having saw the movie. We have to find a dvd and watch it.

  We drove on to Jamestown, N. D. and camped by the big buffalo. Also got to feed the buffalo and see a rare white one.

  Day 3 we drove through a lot of petty crappy rain and some one lane construction. Wendy had commented that there would be no place to pull over if someone had trouble. We were aiming to get to a Walmart in Dickinsville. Well remember how I said we were driving new trucks---Well Randy now knows how far he can get on a tank of gas. Yep- ran out right in the construction about 8 mi. from Walmart.
  I had just pulled ahead to lead the way to Walmart and with all the rain we didn't know when we lost him.
  We had no cell reception, but luckily Noah did. They called coach net and were told it could be an hour. but with trucks blazing past at 65+ Lyn wanted off the road asap. So we dropped our rig at the gas station and rushed some gas to them. Coach net did send a policeman, who assisted in slowing traffic some so we could gas up and get the heck out of there.
   They were a bit frazzled but I said if this is all that happens it will be great. In reading the fulltimer blogs one thing stressed is being able to keep your cool and roll with the punches.
 Day 3 ended in rain but at Medora, just outside the park.

 Welcome new follower Janice, thx for joinin in.

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  1. I'd be mortified if George ran out of diesel :). Sounds like your last vacation is a good one! We can't wait for our full-timing vacation begins.