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Monday, September 24, 2012

Early Halloween Fun

Hi all,
  Getting excited now-only 4 more work days. It still doesn't seem real.
 Already wondering what we'll do next week. Plans are to stay a couple more weeks around here before we head out.
 We have the retirement/hitting the road party planned for Oct. 6th. We are having an open house at a restaurant and will be having pizza/beer and cake. (my kinda balanced diet , ).

   We had a great Halloween weekend. It was a bit cool but we kept enough jello shots and such flowing to keep us warm. We went to Indian Trails Campground in Pardeeville, WI. They usually do about 3 Halloween weekends do to the high demand.

  Indian Trails has been our favorite private campground. We have camped there for many years sometimes up to 4 times a year. They have a nice 15 acre lake with camping all around. It also makes a nice 2 mile walk around.

 We were trying to think and believe we have probably done about 20 Halloween camp outs there.
Super Isaiah
 We usually don't act our age and dress up and walk around with the kids getting adult treats.
 Some of the people really go all out decorating. We have some years in the past also.
 Wendy likes to get creative for our costumes.

 We are thinking that our plans are to return back here next Sept./Oct. for dr. appointments and visits with family. So maybe this is one tradition we can continue. We'll see?



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