Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Friday, September 14, 2012


Hi all,
 It is getting really close to the big day. The day we are actually real fulltime campers.  The house sold July 2 and we have been living in our RV since. Some may say we are already there, but with still working and in the area it has not felt like a change.
 Today I said we had to do something in the house and my future sister in law laughed. Well it is our house now.
 Wendy says she has no problem saying we are going home - wherever the camper is.
 Retirement date for me (Ray) is Sept. 30. After 37 years of working there it will be tough thinking I won't be going back to work (there anyway). 
 A reader had asked if it was scary to leave the house for only a RV. To us it did not seem so. We had been planning on doing this for so long and the actions required doing this consume your time and thoughts. A person can always go back to the stix and brix if it doesn't work out. We thought if that happened we would not want a big place with all the upkeep required.
 I sometimes wonder what Wendy and I will talk about after we're out there.
 The hardest time for me will be leaving loved ones that we are used to seeing regularly. Still wish we would of done a lot more things with the kids and grandsons this past summer.
  We plan to head out mid Oct. It seems like we are always waiting and planning for the next step.
 I believe what they say about it not the destination but the journey getting there is life.

 We are starting to get more serious about finding our workamper position for next summer. With so many opportunities we have not made a decision as to where we want to go.

Enjoying the beginning of fall




  1. Lovely photos!

    Congrats on your retirement and upcoming full-timing.

    We have been on the road 11 months and have loved all of it. (Well except maybe some of the "uh-ohs"...you'll know what I mean when it happens to you. I wish you little "uh-ohs," not big ones.)

    Have fun and see you down the road.


  2. Putting the statement in there " A person can always go back to the stix and brix if it doesn't work out," is so true and actually does ease a little of my anxiousness about giving up our home. And yes, it is way too big for us. We are actually much happier in our RV, are outside lots more, and moving around more. Probably healthier for us in the long run. Thanks for easing some of my anxiety.

    I am so excited for you two to start this journey. But like you say, sometimes it seems like you are always planning the next thing. Take time to live right now in this moment because you can never get it back.

    We too would love to spend more time with our kids and grandsons but have found that their schedules are full and busy, just like when we were raising kids. we didn't have a lot of free time to spend with our parents and now we are seeing our children with the same problem. Leaving them will be my hardest part (much more than giving up the house) also. If you stay in one place for a length of time, they can "vacation" to your current home.

  3. George will miss his little granddaughters too. Skype is wonderful for that. It's getting so close for both of us!