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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hitch Itch

 There is a site where different fulltime RVers blog called Hitchitch.com. We have read on many of the other bloggers as we prepared for our life as fulltimers. Take a peek in if interested.
 Hitch Itch also is a term used when you have been in one place and are getting the urge (itch) to move on. So we have almost completed the bathroom remodel and we are feeling it is time to move on.
  We had planned to stay through the holidays and then go, but think we will stay for Christmas and then head out on Dec. 27.
  It has been great to have been able to spend time with Mandi and Pat. We enjoyed keeping busy making the days here seem to fly by.

 This past week was busy we made Christmas cookies and did some more shopping. We also worked hard to get the bathroom usable and house cleaned for a little party on Friday night. Things went together good and we had the sink and toilet by deadline. Mandi was happy!!

  Mandi had invited some friends over for dinner and drinks Friday night. We met some nice people, played some dice games and had a campfire in a burning barrel. The highlight of the night was to be blowing a pumpkin up. Pat had seen the neighbors had a pumpkin still sitting on their wall. He asked if he could smash it for them. Well the plans changed to use some small fireworks and blow it up.We are in the south ya know. Well turns out try as we might the pumpkin lived through it all. Oh well, we all had a good laugh.
  On Wednesday we have plans to volunteer putting some holiday baskets together for the needy. Mandi has done this before and sounds like a nice thing to do.
  And so the plans are to have a nice Christmas, then on the 26th get things ready to go and leave out on the 27th and head towards Foley, Alabama. We want to spend a month or so at an Escapees park there. It is about 20 miles from Gulf Shores and the ocean.
           Wendy and I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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  1. It's so nice to spend time with our families isn't it? So nice of you to help her with her projects while you were there.