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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rocky Face

Hello all,
  Been a busy week for us. On Monday the weather was a beautiful sunny 74 degrees. Wendy was busy searching for a place for a hike. There are many nice state park areas around but more near the mountains requiring more than an hours drive. She then started to look at the geocache site and seen a bunch of caches in an area close by. It is a county park called Rocky Face Mountain Recreational Area. Only about 20 miles away. So we packed a lunch and wrote down some of the coordinates and headed off.
  Our GPS would not take the park address so we had a bit trouble finding it. Turns out we had missed a small sign on a post. Once there we found a beautiful newly redone park. A very nice pavilion and new roads and parking lot.

 The parks main feature is the Mountain. Not big but they have a good trail that loops about 4.5 miles. They have a short paved trail and there were about 17 geocaches in the park. They also allow some rock climbing with a permit.

 We only did 5 of the caches but if we get another chance may go back for more. We got a travel bug in one that we will move on.

 We spent most of the rest of the week working on the bathroom remodel. As per usual with an older house it has been interesting overcoming odd issues.
 We did take a day to go Christmas shopping, but not much progress was made. We just can't seem to get into the spirit when your shopping in short sleeve shirts. Usually in Wisconsin we were dashing in the cold and snow from car to stores.
 On Sunday we get to visit with our son Nate. He is a utilities locator and has taken a three week assignment in Gainesville Ga. It is about 4 hours away so we will meet him half way.

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  1. We were saying the same thing yesterday. Funny seeing Christmas decorations, hearing carols, and being in shorts and flip flops!