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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Friends and Family

Hi all,
 We had a great time with our Excel club the last few days. We met at Grant River Corp of Engineering Park. It is located on the Mississippi River on the WI side near Potosi. It is a very pretty park and if you like trains you would love it. WARNING- you got to really like trains- there is a double set of tracks and a crossing in the park, You can take it from there:)
 We did something a bit different and met mid week. I think that was a large success as we had the best turn out in years. Helping that also was three new Excel owners joining us. We also had a Iowa club member visit.
  We arrived Tuesday and after setting up and greetings we headed out to a dinner at the famous Potosi Brewery. Although they now brew in Stevens Point the restaurant is filled with memorabilia from the long history there. We returned for a nice campfire and chatter.
 Wednesday we headed across to Balltown, Iowa and had lunch at the oldest family running restaurant. It was a beautiful place and the lunch buffet was great. This is one place that anyone driving in north west Iowa should attend. There is also a awesome view a short walk from the restaurant. Lastly a unique feed store with antiques, dried flowers and just a lot of neat stuff.
  Thursday was a yummy donut breakfast and some good byes. Some of the group was staying for another day or two. After breakfast I got a call from my brother that my sister Diane who was in the hospital was having some heart issues and we booked for (the old) home. She has diabetes and her kidney functions are failing. Very tough but glad we are here for her.

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  1. We really like what we saw of Iowa. We'll be back. Sorry to hear about your sister. One of the nice parts of being mobile..is to be able to help out.