Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Still in WI

Hello all,
  We are still camped at Ottawa State park. Monday will be our 13th day and after we both visit the dentist we plan to hook up and attend our Excel Club Fall outing. It will be at Grant River Corp of Engineering Park near Potosi, WI. We look forward to meeting back up with the group.
  On Friday got a nice visit with our long time neighbors Sharon and John. They had put a beautiful addition on the house and we are glad we don't have to keep up with that (wink). John also filled us in on the latest local news.
  We had helped my sister Diane move into a new apartment last week. Wendy and I then spent Thursday helping her unpack and organize. We were glad to be here to help as Diane is having some health issues. Later Friday afternoon we received a call asking if we could assist taking Diane to the hospital. A blood test result had required her to be admitted. We spent the rest of the day getting her admitted and settled in. We didn't get back home til after 9:00 pm. I do have a brother and sister that reside here that really go above and beyond in helping take care of my dad and Diane. I am so grateful to them.
  We have begun to look at our route to Arizona. We will try and head out in early Oct. spend some time around Missouri and the Ozarks. Any ideas of places we need to see????


  1. If it were me I'd take the route through southern Colorado and check out Great Sand Dunes and then on to Santa Fe and Albuquerque!

  2. Missouri and the Ozarks are beautiful in October. Check out Arrow Rock State Park between Columbia and Kansas City. A lovely and quiet campground. The town of Arrow Rock is unique--check their website. Babler State Park near St. Louis has a beautiful campground too. If you are in the Branson area, check out the Corps of Engineers campgrounds.

  3. Thanks for chiming in, we had done the sand dunes and may again one day. Salina, we will look into those.
    thx again