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Thursday, November 21, 2013

History lessons

Hi all,
  GRRR I will try this again- I had post complete and when I hit the save it flipped to some yahoo page and all that got saved was Hi all.
  We completed another work week at busy Roper Lake. Saturday and Sunday we do maintenance. Saturday was spent picking up trash for the 4-1/2hr shift and Sunday we helped clean cabins and then cleaned our loops sites. Monday and Tuesday in the visitor center were slow so I spent time sweeping down cobwebs on outside walls and cleaning windows.
  Our weather has been holding in the mid 70s, although the weekend forecast is rain and cooler temps.
  Wednesday we adventured to Fort Bowie National Historic Site. It is located 12 miles south of I10 about 45 miles from here. To view the fort requires a 1-1/2 mile hike on what was originally a wagon road built by soldiers. The area has numerous historic tales of battles with Cochise and Geronimo. The fort was built to protect Apace Pass and Apache Springs a known reliable water source. The trail is well marked with many signs telling of significant happenings that occurred.
Butterfield Overland Mail Stage Station ruins
  The fort was abandoned in 1894 and all that remains today are footings of many of the 38 structures.
 Along the trail is a well maintained cemetery, they have a nice pamphlet telling of most of those buried here. It really shows how rough things were as how short most of their lives were.
  We took the scenic return route which took you up a hillside to some beautiful vistas of the area. A bit of a climb but well worth it. As we got near the bottom I rounded some trees and met up with a good size javelina. It stood looking at us for a nice picture but then took a couple steps in our direction giving Wendy a bit of a scare. It then just sauntered off into the brush.
  It was a great hike probably getting in a good four miles with some extra views we took in. The peanut butter and jelly sandwiches really tasted great at the end;)

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  1. Now, we want to go to Fort Bowie! Thanks for the tour.