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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Hi all,
   The weather here has really cooled off, maybe not as bad as good ol' Wisconsin but darn cold for AZ. We have had some rare rain and frost warnings at night. Good thing we have 50 amp service and are giving the elec. heaters a workout. We usually just run the furnace in the morning a bit to warm it up.
  We did get snow up on the mountains, making it very picturesque. Wendy was jumping out of bed to get some early shots.
  We did take a short random drive north of Safford the other day. Just seeing some more of the area. Seems all the roads are bordered by mountain ranges. Not big but still leaves us in awe and saying we thought Arizona would be more flat. Just weird how you get a picture in your mind of a place and then find out how different it actually is.
  We joined the local library and have been hitting it up hard for movies. They have a couple thousand dvds and we can take five out for three weeks. Heck with tv reception not coming in most nights we will probably see the whole collection. They have a couple locations for redbox in Safford and we signed up to that. Still fighting the need for dish tv, but its getting to be a battle.
   Looks like we will be dining out for Thanksgiving. We had bought a small turkey but then a coworker asked us to join them going out. We figured what the heck- we will cook the turkey another day.
American White Pelicans

                We want to wish everyone out there a Happy Thanksgiving!


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