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Monday, December 2, 2013

Thats a first

Hi all,
 Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Ours brought many firsts for us- it was the first not spent with some family, we really missed the tradition of the family gathering. It was the first time we ate out, although I'm sure Wendy appreciated the first time not spent all day in the kitchen. For me the first not watching football, Wendy did say we could go find a bar to watch it.
  We had planned cooking and even bought a big 8-1/2# bird to cook but when a co host asked if we wanted to go out we thought sure. We will cook up our bird later this week. It is taking up our whole freezer,)
  We did have a nice dinner with Bob and Rose, they are camped in the other loop. Originally from Illinois, Bob has hosted here for 4 years. It is Roses first year as she continued working a couple more years. Also joining us for dinner was  seasonal ranger Roger and his 19 yr. old son Nick. Nick does volunteer work in the park. They live in a state provided trailer in the campground.
 Friday Wendy got to drag me to a local craft sale. Later we attended the Safford tree lighting. They will be having a lighted Christmas parade on Dec. 7. I'm sure it will be just like Mukwonago's parades, just smaller, oh and about 50 degrees warmer.
 We also got in a mountain drive to Bonita. It was a nice ride although not much in Bonita. For excitement we checked out the cemetery. We then just drove some rough gravel roads and took a leisure walk.
Interesting small cemetery. Looked like a child was buried here. Yes those are swings.
 I did our Nov. budget and wow what a roller coaster. In Oct we had spent $1000. on fuel, in Nov.  a  whopping $143. Well we did drive over 1800 mi to get here. I guess once we got here we didn't want to leave. It also helps the budget with no camping cost. You really have to realize it is a budget for the year and not by month.

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  1. It's amazing how much money you save by sitting and workamping. Helps a lot for sure!