Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back in Wisconsin

 Hi all,
We left SD on Monday after turning in our uniforms and other gear. We were a bit sad leaving and felt like the time had just flew by.
 We made a one night stop at Big Sioux Recreation Area a state park just southeast of Sioux Falls. It is a nicely wooded park along the Big Sioux River. Seems like we haven't seen trees with leaves in a long time, I told Wendy it will be hard to make a basket out of those.

 We then boogied across Minnesota to WI. We made a stop in La Crosse to visit with grandson Alex. He is beginning his second year of college there.
We ended the day at Country Roads RV Park in Wisconsin Dells. It is a private park listed for 55 +. We had stayed here a couple other times with our camping club and find it to be extremely clean and quiet.
 Our plan was to try and get a non reservation site in Ottawa State Park, if we didn't get in there we would set up camp in Wendy's brothers drive. We lucked out and got a site, by the time we were set up the other open sites had filled. We will stay here til Labor Day then move to Country View Campground in Mukwonago for a month stay.
 We set up and then went for a visit with my dad. He has been in the hospital the last couple weeks. The family is working to find him a place where he can be cared for.
 We were a bit nervous going in for the visit as my brother and sister have said he has been very mixed up mentally and his memory is very bad. We actually got a good visit with him and he asked about each of our kids and how they are doing. He also expressed feelings of frustration over his loss of ability to care for himself and his memory. I was sensing he was getting tired and thought we should go. It was hard to leave, he was telling us we didn't need to bother with coming back.
 Thankfully we had two of the kids Nate and Colleen come for supper. Colleen brought Lukas and Isaiah, nothing like a couple grandkids to get lift your spirits. We will have the boys come for a stay next week which should be fun.


  1. Ick....watching parents get older...it is so hard. One thing I learned is that being in the hospital seems to cause temporary befuddlement. Sometimes, memories and abilities return....slowly. Hang in there. Prayers coming your way.

  2. I'm sure you're happy to be with your Dad at this time. Sadly, my Dad passed away sometime in the night. He's at peace with the Lord now, which makes us so happy.