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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dead in Deadwood

Hi all,
We are busy as we prepare for our departure . It is hard to believe season two here is done. We have had a good time and enjoyed the move to the Stockade Lake campground. Wendy has not minded doing the attendant work and we are considering doing the same next summer. We will see how it all affects us at tax time to make sure it is worth it.
 We had a nice going away cookout with some of our work camper friends the other night. We met the new camp host at Stockade Lake South campground and one other new couple that was coming in to do cabin cleaning. It was a nice gathering and bad us for not getting pics.
 We did get out for one more sightseeing excursion taking in Deadwood. After the bike rally it really was dead. Deadwood had quite a few casinos that were getting nothing for business. Maybe some later arriving bus tours would help but I doubt much. We browsed through some stores looking for discount Sturgis tees, scoring one for five bucks. Oh and we each lost a dollar in the slots- I know big spenders. We did enjoy some good music and a beer at one place and ate a nice lunch at Mustang Sally's.

In Celebrity Hotel and Casino
 We took  one more drive of the wildlife loop but saw more buffalo by the visitor center than out on the loop. Wendy also stocked up on pine needles, like we won't find pine needles in WI.
3 of her latest beauties

from our bird feeder
We'll miss you critters

in our back yard
 So on Monday we will hit the road with a stop off to see Grandson Alex in La Crosse. It will be good to be with family again. As things now stand with my dad- his mental health is not looking good. We are trying to find a place where he will get the proper care he now needs.

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  1. We've been in final preps for my father as well. Not a fun time, but it's nice to be here to help. We're still hoping to be able to work in SD some summer, maybe 2015 is our year :)