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Friday, January 9, 2015

Itchy Nippy Dippers

 Hi all,
Seems the cold spell that is going on in the north has snuck in on us. The past two nights have been below freezing then it takes most of the day to warm up to 40 then back down again. I know we get no sympathy from our family and friends in Wisconsin, that would be a heat wave to them. Thankfully it looks like it shouldn't last to long. 
 Meanwhile back at the farm(Mandi's) we are planning on doing some tree planting soon. On Saturday we visited a garden center and came away with 5 fruit trees and some blueberry bushes.  She already had two pear trees and a couple small lime trees that are already producing fruit. It will be interesting to see how this goes and hopefully we will not need to attend any tree funerals.)
 Saturday we also did something exciting. We took part in the second annual Iche Nippy Dip at Ichetucknee Springs. Note- it is pronounced Itchy.

 This is Florida version of the polar plunge. Yeah, I know the springs are 72 degrees year round but at 10:00 am the air temp was around 60. They had about 50 people in attendance and all received a free tee shirt and hot cocoa after the dip. Well it was refreshing and didn't feel to bad after a bit. They then had a first time bath robe contest that we didn't plan for, maybe next year?
 Work has been busy through the holidays though we see a slow time coming with few reservations during the next few weeks. It also comes at a time when we have filled most all the volunteer sites. Our volunteer village is full for the first time- all four sites and another volunteer is in the main campground along with the camp host, seems like a good group of people.

We have a group fire ring in our area so another volunteer and I split some firewood for some fires to chat by. The park has nicely provided the wood and log splitter We also have discussed some pot lucks so this should all be fun.

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  1. We really enjoyed having a volunteer village in our job at the COE. Fun to get to know the other volunteers. I'm not sure I would have jumped in 72 degree water :)