Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Monday, January 19, 2015

This, that, and some more things

Hi all,
Holy cow, the time is just flying by here and our posting has been getting a little lax. As we are nearing the end of our stint here on March 1st we have yet to decide where we are heading after that. We don't need to be anywhere until May 8th when we report back to Custer State Park for the summer. That gives us a nice two full months to just travel and explore around. We don't want to head north to soon and we need to be aware of the spring storm season. Another dilemma at this time is dealing with spring break, where we would just like to follow our noses and go. We might end up in trouble on some of these busy weekends.
 Our weather here has been cool and we had a lot of rain last week. After what seemed like a week we finally saw the sun on Friday. Seems it doesn't matter where you are or the temp if you have sunshine you feel so much better.
 We had some fun and planted some fruit trees and blueberry bushes at Mandi's. We also worked to hook up and irrigation system for it. We attempted to use existing supplies that were used by the former owner. It was a bit trying but we got it all going. This should make the watering so much easier than continually holding a hose. This will really help Mandi because her hubby Pat will be back on the road soon. He drives semi and does tire work for Nascar and learned some changes in racing will require him away more than in the past. His first stint out is for 50 days before getting back home for a week.

She will have her hands full taking care of the doggies, kids, and farm.

 We also helped complete a patio using a big pile of pavers that was on the property. We enjoy helping on projects it gives us the old sweat equity feeling we had when we were home owners. And although we like helping we sure are not wanting to go back to that lifestyle. Hitch itch is already starting.)
 The kids got new bikes for Christmas so we found a bike trail not to far and got a good 12 mile ride in to break them in. You all know if you haven't been on your bikes lately the thing getting broke in is your butts.)

   Wendy continues her pine needle baskets. She figures she has made over 30 of them now and only has about four not given out. She continues to get better and more creative as she goes along. Mandi teases her that we will set her up in a road side stand selling them.


  1. Wow, good job repurposing some things at the farm! Wendy's baskets are pretty cool, she should sell them :)

  2. Every year I eye the weather map in the spring and wonder what we'll do when we start full timing. Lots of extreme weather to worry about.