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Monday, February 9, 2015

Sidetracked by Life

Hi all,
 We're back, sorry about the break in posts but as we all know life can change plans. In this case we had to make a trip that we knew was looming but none the less didn't want to see. Wendy's older brother Dave had passed away after a long battle with multiple cancers. A young man of only 62 leaving behind his wife, two kids, and four grandkids he will be greatly missed.
  Wendy has a large family with eight siblings and it had been a long time since all the siblings were together. We were able to spend some nice time with them and Wendy's parents.
Wendy's parents Never to old to share
 The trip was 750 miles to Lawrenceburg, Indiana. We took off most of the week hitting I75 for most all the trip leaving the RV behind and moteling it. Thankfully although quite cold the roads were dry and safe. On both passes through Atlanta we hit at mid day to avoid traffic and luckily succeeded.
 So to catch up prior to that we had taken a trip south to check out another of Florida's state parks.
Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs State Park is very different type of park. It is a rehabilitation center for injured and orphaned West Indian Manatee. A first magnitude spring provides the perfect setting.
 Also on grounds is an assortment of  native wildlife that for various reasons can not be released back in the wild. Oh, and the one non native species an old hippo that has been given honorary citizenship. He had been there when the park was a private entity and being 6000 pounds not easy to relocate. The public also had formed a bond with this guy over the years. He is now 55 years old.


 Another highlight of the park is a floating observatory where you can get an underwater view of thousands of fish and manatee in the Homosassa Spring.
  Wendy continues to get better and better with her pine needle basketry. This is a few of her latest handiwork.


  1. Sorry to hear about Wendy's brother. An unfortunate reason for a reunion.
    We've not been to Homosassa, but have heard that it is a great place to see.

  2. Sorry to hear about your loss. You are in our thoughts at this difficult time.