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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rating Suwannee

Hi all,
 Wow, down to our last week here at Suwannee River State Park. So what do we think of our time here. For the most part it has been a good experience. On the good side it was close to Amanda's and we were able to spend some great time with her and hubby Pat. Also good was meeting other volunteers that we now call friends. Our campsite was okay- good services and tv reception. The down side on the campsite was being in the trees so much that you couldn't really sit in the sun. We felt like it was 10 degrees warmer at Amanda's out in the open. I guess the shade would be more welcome if it were a bit warmer. As for weather here it has been cool and can get really rainy at times. For the most part, pants and sweatshirts were the norm so not that bad.
 The work here has been pretty acceptable not to hard. After a brief training we were pretty much left alone to do things as best as we saw fit. We were never asked to do more and many times were left trying to find more to get our volunteer hours in.
 The one down side to the experience has been communication. We have three full time rangers and we would sometimes have to hunt them down to find out what cabins need to get done. On at least four occasions people had walked in and reserved a cabin and we were not notified that they need cleaned.
 So to sum things up on a scale of 1-10 about an 8. Would we come back? Yeah, I think so but we'll see when.
 This past weekend turned out to be a work weekend. On Friday we began a project at Amanda's of helping her redo the flower beds around the house. The wood was mostly rotted and the beds were 6 feet out from the house. We reduced them to three feet and put new timbers, weed control, and cypress mulch down. We had pulled out bulbs and other plants and reused most all so she shouldn't need to buy much more.
Rachael is such a help

 Well as there was still so much left to be done after Friday, Wendy and I just figured we would use the Saturday to help complete the job. It was a lot of work and sure looked good when we were done.
 Later we helped repackage chicken that she had bought at the plant where she worked. Periodically they run employee sales
Wendy trimmed the chicken thighs, Amanda packaged and I did the most important job of running the vacuum packer. We ended up with 30 packs of four thighs each not bad for $30.

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  1. Nice job on their beds! She's lucky she can buy chicken in bulk and repack it.