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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Baskets n Fishin

Hi all,
 Yeah I know we are starting to slack on posts. Since the boys were here we have just been hanging around not doing anything special. I did get out fishing with Jay who I have fished with the last two years. He had just arrived at the park do to a surgery delay. He brings a boat and we headed for Cold Brook Reservoir for crappie and bass. After a slow start we ended up hitting some good size crappie- sorry my bad no pics.( I only kept ten as Wendy says the freezer is at its fish limit.

 I have been hitting the lake here and there for a bit but seems the weed growth is making the shore fishing almost impossible. Will need to take the kayak out if I want to do any good.
 Wendy continues to turn out the pine needle baskets. She has about 20 of them ready for sale when we get back to Wisconsin. She has done a couple with thin agate slices in the bottom centers and experimented with dying some of the needles for her last basket, definitely no two alike.
 We did take a hike on the Coolidge walk in fishing trail. This is a 3 mile one way hike that follows the Coolidge stream from Center Lake to Coolidge campground. Along the way are five little ponds created by dams that get stocked. The fun thing on the trail you have 16 stream crossings and the early flooding had taken out a few of the boarded crossings making some interesting rock hopping.

 Things continue to roll along in the campground. People are pretty much used to the need for reservations so getting a drive in  looking for a spot is rare. We are full almost every night so we really have to watch our check outs closely. We continue to cringe when we think of the upcoming bike rally, everyone will be glad when it is over.


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  1. This small campground is never full, but next weekend is a country music festival called Red Ants Pants. Apparently this little town gets a bit crazy :)