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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Family Fun

Hi all, hope you have had a great 4th of July weekend.
Whew! what a week, playing tour guide is hard work.)
Our son Nate and grandson Alex arrived on Monday night from Wisconsin and it has been go, go, and go.
 We had made a rough draft of what we were to do, major things like Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse but also mixing in things that they like to do, like tour breweries ( Nate) and wild life rides, and for sure some fishing.
 They got us going early Tuesday as they were still operating on central time. We had breakfast and were on Iron Mountain Road to Mt Rushmore by 8:30. Probably a good move as we are nearing the 4th and a super busy time there. After that a short walk through Keystone then on to Rapid City to hit the Firehouse Brewery. We are proud that Nate has been a volunteer firefighter for 10 years as soon as he was old enough to join. We have pictures of Nate when he was just a tyke in a fire helmet and sitting in  fire trucks. He also had a set of cards (like baseball cards) with trucks on them that we would read.
 After being out early and their long drive here we had time for a little break, then off to the wild life loop. We got off on the dirt roads and spotted four beautiful buck mule deer and a decent herd of buffalo.
 Wednesday up early again for a day of fishing. Our plan was to have a completion of catching the most species of fish. We drove up to Legion Lake and after getting their licenses we did a walking fish tour around the lake. Thinking we would get our trout, we were surprised to only get a couple bass.

 Next we headed to Stockade where for sure we would knock some off the list. We all got our bluegill, crappie, and perch. We fished a couple different areas getting some good bluegill action, but no one was able to nab the elusive northern. The boys took the kayak out for a brief try but still no luck. A short break then a try on Bismarck Lake, on national forest land just across the road from here. They had dredged the lake this past winter and our great spring rains wasted no time refilling it. There Alex and I were able to get trout off our list, as the fishing ended I edged both the boys by one species each (I know really not fair with all my practice), but we had a great time.
 Wednesday we figured a good day for a ride up to Deadwood and Spearfish Canyon. We also toured the Spearfish Fish Hatchery and Crow Peak Brewery. A quick subway supper and still time for a wild life drive. We took the road just south of the park into Wind Cave National Park. The boys loved getting onto gravel in search of critters. We got in the midst of a spaced out buffalo herd and just stopped and enjoyed the moment.

Roughlock Falls

Spearfish Falls

 Friday was no time to rest yet we had a few important things to do. We rose early to make monkey bread in the dutch oven and some bacon to fuel up for a hike.
We drove the Needles Highway twice spotting some mountain goats. Being early paid off as traffic was light along the way making it way more enjoyable.

                             Wendy and the boys then hiked the Little Devils Tower.

We all walked around beautiful Lake Sylvan. We then headed for Hill City and lunch at the Mangy Moose. We also wanted to check out Miners Brewery just north of Hill City. Nate has an app on his phone where he rates the different craft beers as he tries them, I think he was up to about 90 different ones since he started.

 Back to camp I cooked up a big fish fry and we still had time to get one more wild life drive in.
We did all this and still enjoyed a nightly campfire with the boys.

Saturday the boys wanted to hit the road early back to WI. Setting the alarm for 6, the central time zone must have kicked in and they were up and out just past five.
 We had a great time and the weather was about as perfect as could be. We really enjoy having visitors and being able to do this with the boys will be a cherished memory. --Next up Colleen our middle child and her boys in middle August. Good thing, I think we need to rest up a bit.)


  1. How nice to have them visit. You are good tour guides!

  2. Wow....such great times...such memories for all. What is the brewery app he has? Love watching you guys!