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Monday, August 10, 2015

Sturgis Rally and a Change of Plans

 Hi all,
 Things have taken a big twist for us, on Friday I got a call from my sister that my dads health has worsened and we may need to make some big decisions shortly. After a bit of deliberation we decided the right thing to do was head back to Wisconsin and be with family.
 Dad had been doing pretty well in the nursing home and had been getting out quite a few Sundays to do some family things. But a small bout with pneumonia and a bladder infection has really put him down.
 Doing this just as Sturgis winds down does not make it easy. We hate not filling our commitment but our supervisors are super understanding and encourage us to do what we feel best.
 So off with the hordes of bikers that are also heading out a here. Traffic will be jammed as are filling stations along the way.
 The 75th anniversary of Sturgis has not let any one down. Seems all venues have enjoyed the over a million bikers. Sadly 13 deaths resulting from accidents related to the rally are the big down note.
 Even though it ran through Sunday we saw a big exodus Thursday and Friday. Many had just had enough and wanted to get home early.
 Wendy and I ventured to Hill City one day to enjoy some rally views. These views and still more than 30 miles from Sturgis, close enough for us.

Just south of Needles Hwy in Custer State Park


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  1. So sorry to hear about you Dad. It's best to be home and take care of things. Very nice that your boss is understanding. We've seen a lot of bikers coming back from Sturgis staying here and all had good things to say about this year.