Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Wild Custer

Hi all,
The bikers are arriving in full force with the actual start date Monday Aug.3. From our campsite we can just see the West entry gate and get a pretty good earful of the rumbling bikes. It doesn't bother us to much knowing that it will only last a couple weeks, although I do feel for the families who made plans to come here and not realize the rally would be going on. We are trying to stay put as much as possible but may venture to town to see some of the bikes one day, we will post pics then.
 Other than that we have recently been entertained by some baby birds that have been hanging around. As we watched them we were surprised to see a smaller bird feeding them. We thought it strange but then was talking with the other camphost and she said they also have them around their camper. She looked them up and found they were cowbirds. The parents seek out a nest already built and use it for their eggs. The birds that originally built the nest (junco's I believe) then take over the parenting.

 A couple other days we had seen some different birds and got out the bird book and found out they were red crossbills. We also have seen a couple eagles and see and hear the osprey that nest along Stockade Lake.
 Wendy and I did a wildlife drive the other day and saw something we had not seen in the three years we have worked here. These were two male bighorn sheep along the road. They usually stay to the high country parts.

We also sat and listened to the buffalo as the rut is on and the males are quite vocal.
 Also along the drive was the usual prairie dogs, deer, and a couple small herds of elk in the higher hills.


  1. Great pics. Don't get to crazy with the bikers.

  2. We sure hope to see bighorn sheep when we're in Glacier in a few weeks.

  3. You guys are enjoying! Love seeing the bighorn sheep on the desert near where we lived.....but you could go several years and not see any!