Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Saturday, October 24, 2015

On the Road Again part II

 Hi all,
 Continuing on with our trek west we came upon super strong winds. They picked up as we went along and by the time we got to our camp destination of Halstead, Kansas we were bushed. It is no fun driving in the wind not to mention the crappy fuel mileage.
 Our plan was to just stop for the day but we did extend as the wind was still gusting to 35 mph. But that is what full timers to do, although we have a volunteer gig to get to we have some cushion time to use along the way.
Travel through NM

 We stopped at Spring Lake RV resort, a Passport America member so a full hook up site for $14. a night. Not to much to do in the crazy wind we caught up with laundry and relaxed.
 On the move again the next day had us leave Kansas, drive through Oklahoma and Texas ending up at Ute Lake State Park in New Mexico. I know that sounds crazy but it was just under 400 miles and with some rain and no scenic reason to stop we just drove on.
 Ute Lake is a large reservoir that like many others around here is experiencing low water levels due to a prolonged drought. The campground is pretty nice and sites are quite spacious. They also only charge $15.00 for a water and elec. site. Wendy really splurged on this one as they said we could have the camp host site as it was unoccupied. Nice site with a good lake view.
Ute Lake State Park

 As we pulled in we got excited as we saw another Excel Camper just like ours, I know it doesn't take a lot to excite us. Well we got all set up and then it started to rain so we didn't get a chance to meet them then. The next morning cleared and as they were packing to go I strolled over for an introduction. Turns Jane and John are also fulltime RVer's and bloggers, not only that but we have each read the others blogs (http://flamingoonastick.blogspot.com). Small world as they say. We had a nice quick visit and they showed us some nice renovations that they have been doing. I was a bit reluctant to let Wendy see those.)  Their RV is the same model as ours 30RSO albeit three years newer. They had already extended their stay getting some new springs put on after one of them broke on the way.
 It was nice to meet them and hopefully we can meet up again down the road.
 Our next drive was Alamogordo to spend some time checking out White Sands National Monument and the area.


  1. Nice entry. We also stop when the wind is over 30 mph..

  2. How cool you ran into Janie and John! They are great people. You've had some nice sites this week.