Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Happy Halloween

Hi all,
So the countdown to lift off has begun, 7 days until departure.
 We continue with preparations getting both the truck and rv brakes checked and grease and filters. Brakes checked out okay after three years on the road that is pretty good, that Allison tranny doing the downshifting saves a bunch. Tires on the rv are three years old and show little wear. We replaced truck tires last year so things should be good for a while--knock on wood.
 I have two doctor appointments yet and Wendy has some blood work then that's it. We will make one more drive to visit with Wendy's parents for a couple days, a fish fry with the old high school friends and one last visit with the kids on Sunday then were are outta here!
 Wendy enjoyed lunch and catching up with the boss she had when she was cleaning houses. They worked together about 6-1/2 years before the owners sold the franchise.
Linda and Wendy
 We also got a chance to catch up with dear friends Rick and Rita. Rita's kids whom we camped with for years were having a going away party for them as they are relocating to Henderson , Nev. We were grateful to get a chance to see them all and see them off. Hopefully if things work out we will get a chance to see them in Nevada in the spring.
 We had a Halloween camp out with the kids this past weekend. We have done Halloweens campouts at Indian Trails Campground in Pardeeville for over 20 years. We didn't get to dressed up this year, just couldn't get motivated for that. But the kids did and we walked around with them getting adult treats.
daughter Colleen with Isaiah and Lukas

Grandson Noah(bunny)and his buddies in crime

We had a good time, sad part was this happened on the same weekend as our 40th high school reunion so we had to skip out on that, oh well.
 Weather has been getting chilly with highs in the 60s and lows dipping to 40. Fall colors are just beginning to change, overall fall is the best time of the year here but it is also a reminder that winter fast approaching.
Lukas and Isaiah


  1. I love Halloween, my favorite holiday! The minion pumpkins are too cute. It was my husbands 40th reunion as well. He went to his and had a great time visiting with old friends.

  2. We're packing a lot of Halloween costumes at Amazon. Minions are a favorite :) Safe travels to your next adventure!