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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Busy at Bisbee

Hi all,
 Seems December camping is not on many peoples minds as the campground has been pretty quiet lately. We worked in the office the other day and had no incoming reservations. That makes a pretty slow day. I started to read a book and Wendy was able to get some basketry work done, pretty rough I know.)
 Wednesday we had a pot luck Christmas dinner with all the volunteers and staff. Ooh so good, ham and fixins and about 7 different deserts. Of course I made sure I didn't hurt any ones feelings and tried them all. I could have used a wheelbarrow ride to get home.)
 I had missed an event in the last post where a few of us ventured to hear a Christmas concert. Eclipse 6 is a six man acapella group from Utah that has performed here yearly. They sang some Christmas favorites and mix of other music entertaining all ages. They closed it off with a original Christmas piece. I didn't have my phone but if you are interested you can hear some of their stuff on Utube. A good way to get more Christmas spirit, a good time was had by all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqZMfBVI49AEclipse 6's photo.
  We took a ride after work one day to the Hot Wells Dune area. A primitive camping area on BLM land that is popular to the four wheelers and dirt bikes in the dunes. One neat side is there are two hot tubs that are fed by a solar pump. They look pretty fancy and out of place here in the desert surrounding. Different from our hot tub in Roper Lake the temp is hotter, 104 compared to our 95. We like ours better as at 104 you really cant stay in to long.
 On the way home as dusk was just setting in we had two bobcats run in front of us shocking the heck out of us. They of course didn't want to pose for any pics but what a thrill to have seen.
 Friday we took a ride with Bob and Rose down to the town of Bisbee. We had toured some of the town two years ago but it was the first time for them. Bisbee is south and only 10 miles to Mexico.    It was built by a large copper mine that began in 1917 and active until 1974. It is now becoming known for the many art and antique shops. It is pretty unique in how it is built into the mountainous setting. We browsed through some of the shops and had a nice lunch just outside town. 



  1. Wow, two bobcats, even spotting one is a rare sight.

  2. Looks like you are having a good time. Have a wonderful Christmas!