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Saturday, December 5, 2015

What do volunteers do??

Hi all,
Remember us?  Sorry a bit late on this but I was waiting til after this weekends events to write a post.
 Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, we enjoyed a nice turkey meal out with a few of the other volunteers. We do miss having the day with family but admit it's kinda nice not having to do the cooking and cleaning- I know we're bad.
 So what do volunteers do here at Roper Lake. The campground was full for the holiday and we volunteered an extra day on Sunday to help out. We have been doing some cabin cleaning which to us is a piece of cake after doing cabins at Suwannee River. These are just sleeping cabins with no bathrooms and cooking done outside. We have also taken on the chore of weekly scrubbing of the hot tub. Usually those are jobs done by the park rangers but they are short handed so we like being able to help out. That and it beats pruning and weeding.    
 We spent a little time to decorate our site.
 This week we have been busy helping to decorate a float for the Christmas light parade on Saturday.
They have not entered a float in a few years but with a new manager something she wanted to do. We tried to show all aspects of the park from cabins, to fishing, and even our hot tub.  

This was ours.
 I know I said we would be taking more drives to get out but with the holiday and such we just haven't got to do them. We do try to get a daily walk in usually around the lake. Nice seeing all the different birds fly in although they are the most photogenic when we don't have the camera.

 We did do a short ride to Wilcox for lunch with Rose and Bob. The Big Tex BBQ in an old train car is a favorite spot of many here. We also checked out a  book store there with great deals on used books.

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  1. Thanks for showing what you are doing in your job. Hope you get to enjoy the hot tub you so nicely cleaned :)