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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hiking n More

Hi all,
Weather has been slowly getting warmer and as long as the winds don't blow it feels good. It also encourages us to get out and do stuff.
 Last Sunday Wendy and I ventured to Fort Bowie for a hike. Fort Bowie was created in 1862 to protect the vital Apache Pass and Apache Spring part of the Butterfield Overland Mail route.
 To reach the fort remains requires a 1-1/2 mile hike unless handicap access is needed.
 The hike is a well maintained trail with excellent signage along the route telling of battles and situations that occurred with Chiricahua Apache first led by Cochise then Geronimo.
 The hike also served to get my mind off football as our Packers humbly exited the playoffs.(
Full Packer on grillin brats b/4 the game

 Our work week was pretty good not having to bundle up so much to work outside. On Monday everyone gathered for cake and ice cream for Michelle's (park manager)birthday. On Wednesday we gathered again for a pot luck luncheon. These gatherings are always fun as sometimes with different schedules we don't always see everyone.
 On to this week again with decent weather we headed to Chiricahua National Monument for a hike. When we made this plan we knew there was road construction going on in the park but things said a pace car would allow traffic albeit with some slow downs. Well once there we found no traffic was being allowed access beyond the visitor center. There was one trail that we could hike so off we went.

 The hike went up into the Chiricahuas steadily gaining elevation. The trail also laid on the north side of the valley and still held some snow and icy patches. We went as far as we deemed safe, one hiker that we passed had said he fell three times in one area that was enough for us.
 We love this park and hopefully can return when the road is opened and ice gone.
 Saturday Bob and Rose asked us to ride along to the Amerind Foundation, a museum of Native American culture. Located just off I10 near Benson, AZ in the Texas Canyon. The museum was founded in 1937 to promote knowledge and understanding of the Native Peoples of America. There is also a art gallery to explore.
 We enjoyed the museum but sorry they did not allow photography there.
Unique posts along the route from Ft Bowie


  1. Another interesting post. More places we need to add to our list. We are also feeling your football pain, at least the Pats lost.

  2. You guys are getting some good hiking in. Nice area!