Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Out and About

Hi all,
The weather seems to be slowly creeping up. We have been getting into the mid 50's with sun and if the wind is not blowing not to bad and better than Wisconsin.(sorry homies)
  It has been a different week for us as we actually went to see a couple movies and we could hardly remember when we went to a movie last.
 We had been interested in The Revenant since we first seen the trailers. So as soon as it came out we thought lets go. We asked our neighbor Bob who was on his own for the day to join us, happily he agreed. This week Bob asked us if we wanted to catch The Sisters movie, as we had nothing going we said sure.
 For our reviews we gave both a thumbs up.)
 Our entertainment for the week was not done yet, we had attended a concert with some of the other volunteers in December and had agreed to attend the January show. The show this month was a tribute to John Denver. Jim Curry who says he is not an impersonator put on a impressive show with his versions of the music and short stories of Denver's life along the way. They also had a big screen behind the band showing footage of John Denver and scenery as most of Johns music involved. A good time was had by all.
 Friday on our first day off the weather was not super promising but we wouldn't let that hold us back. Seems like we had not ventured out lately so a good drive was in order.
 We headed northwest past Globe to a scenic highway called Desert to Tall Pines Scenic Road. It drives along the Salt River Mountains up into the Sierra Ancha Wilderness. With views of majestic saguaros and Roosevelt Lake in the background we found it stunning. The map had showed this a dirt road and we figured we would return when we hit dirt. We drove quite a ways and never did run out of pavement but decided time for us to return for home.

rare crested saguaro cactus

Arizona Packer fan yard deco

Salt River

One lane bridge crossing the Salt River

Roosevelt Lake

I'm told they call this soldier hill
            As you can tell we really love seeing the different cacti.


  1. You probably know this trick but always carry a large comb to remove cactus. I didn't have one and got attacked by a choya.

    1. Wow and I did have one of those choyas attach to my leg while looking for rocks. Thx

  2. Interesting post. Sorry about the Pack, really.

    1. Thanks Jim, our seasons were pretty much the same with injuries to much to overcome. But wait til next year.)

  3. Good you get time to explore. We're hoping the weather warms up here sooner than later in South Oklahoma!