Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Monday, February 15, 2016

Out of our Gourds

 Hi all,
Whoopee the weather has really gotten better. While Phoenix is experiencing all time highs of around 90 we are happy to just see 80. So as our time here dwindles down to two weeks, we should have nice weather to get out and do some things.
 Our work days in the park have been doing a lot of painting. We painted picnic tables and now are working on table shelters on the day use island. The park was full for the Valentine weekend everyone enjoying the change in temps.
 On Friday Wendy and I got in our first festival of the season. A short 3 hour drive and we were at Casa Grande, AZ home of the13th annual Running of the Gourds. Who would know how big a gourd fest could be? We were impressed, over 100 booths with carved, painted, and elaborately decorated beyond imagination.
 They also had judging for various teqniques including wood burning, vases, wearable gourd art to name just a few. They also had divisions set up for kids and intermediate to grand masters.
 The fest is put on by the Wuertz family farm and they also featured a large assortment of dried gourds so you could go home and adorn your own.
 We thought one thing neat there was them allowing photographs being taken. Usually with artist involved they prohibit such. I guess if they think you can reproduce their work with a pic go ahead and try.)
 Some of the work was just amazing and we even saw quite a few with pine needles catching Wendy's eye.

 We picked a great day as the temp neared 90 really making the cold beer taste good. Entertainment there was a mariachi band playing in the courtyard and a singer on stage nothing to extravagant.
 Saturday and Sunday Wendy and I just opted to relax in the park. Wendy has gotten a few orders for baskets to make for a couple ladies here so she has been putting a lot of time to that.
This was a creation Wendy had made a using a gourd
 I have used some idle time to make a few golf club roadrunners to give as gifts to the other host here.

 We are excited for the upcoming weekend as our daughter Amanda will be in for a visit.