Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Monday, February 29, 2016

Off We Go

Hi all,
Finally on the road again. The hitch itch was really setting in this past week, although we had been pretty busy time was really starting to crawl.
 We feel we had a pretty good time at the park and were glad we returned. The best part is all the nice people that work and volunteer here. Four of the volunteers had also been here two years ago when we worked here.
 The weather this winter has been a little on the cool side up until this last month.
 The past week we gathered for one last pot luck with the other hosts and staff. Those sure are great and I surely didn't want to offend anyone and not try there fare. I always overdo it and feel so bloated later.
 It was a nice gathering and as we have three host leaving at this time, it was a good going away party. We were nicely recognized for our time by the park manager and each presented  with some token gifts from the park.

 Friday we had one last outing planned with Bob and Rose. They wanted to take us to Mesa Market. A big tent sale in Mesa, Az. Although a 3 hour drive, for the most part pretty scenic and we had nice sunny day to do it. We really enjoyed it as this market contained mostly new stuff and not the junk you see at some flea markets.
 It was pretty large and took us 3-4 hours to take it all in. We had a good time and felt we did a good job to help out the local economy.)
 Saturday we gave the rv a needed bath and got other stuff put away. Later in the day Rose called and wanted to know if we wanted to go out for a prime rib dinner. Well, it was that or chicken leftovers you can guess which one we chose. So a short 70 miles to Benson to the Horseshoe CafĂ© for their 15.99 Saturday special. We hadn't done prime rib for some time and thought it was pretty good.
 Sunday was final laundry here and get ready for departing on Monday. Mondays destination was to hook up with Nancy and Al at Gilbert Ray County Park in Tucson.
Our new backyard
 Al and Nancy are coworkers with us at Custer State Park and had stopped in here in November for a visit. Turns out they had put in a application at Roper and will be volunteering there next year.
We will spend a couple days touring around here and then head over Yuma for a week or so.
 Wendy will be sorely missed as the ladies won't know what to do with there extra money. Wendy had sold about 21 pine needle baskets while working here. She was really cranking em out and working hard to complete some special request before we left.

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