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Saturday, April 30, 2016

On to Capitol Reef

Hi all,
Oh boy, we have not had good Internet the last few days so a lot of catching up to do.
 We left Kodachrome headed for Torrey, Utah last Sunday. The weather was nice and sunny and the route was beautiful.
Torrey was to be our stepping off point to tour Capitol Reef.
 Tim and Renee are to meet up with us later on Monday needing to take care of chores in a nearby good sized city.
 We got a site at Thousand Trails Campground with a nice view of some Utah red rock. We decided as the sky was blue and the forecast not that we would sneak a peak into Capitol Reef.
 Just driving into the park you see some great views of the majestic formations. Capitol Reef is home to the Waterpocket Fold, a massive warp in the earths crust, creating unique features including colorful canyons, arches, bridges and domes.

Chimney Rock


 As we thought Monday was a crappy day, we awoke to a light rain and a pretty cold wind. We hunkered in the warm rv and Wendy made banana bread and a chili supper to battle the cold.
 On Tuesday morning we had snow on the ground. It melted by 10:30 so we joined Tim and Renee and headed into Capitol Reef. With a cloudy and high chance of rain forecast the next few days we just had to put on our big boy/girl pants and make the best of it.)
 We stopped in and got our orientation in the visitor center then headed out to check it out.
  Famous in the park is the old Mormon settlement of Fruita. In 1880 Mormon settlers established the community and using irrigation from the Fremont River created orchards that are still maintained by the park today.
 I would sure like to be here in the fall as you can get free sample apples, peach, pear, apricot, plum, and cherry in the orchard.
 To try and keep this short I will just post Wendy's pictures with some captions. Thanks for following along.
View from Gooseneck Overlook

Scenic Drive

Capitol Gorge Road

Tim & Renee

Fremont River

Home to a family of 13

Fremont Petroglyphs


  1. I think you could spend a year in that area and still never see everything! Nice pictures :)