Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Hi all,
So we packed up and made the big move the other day. A whole 80 miles to Pahrump, Nev. We would have extended our stay in Beatty but the campground was full.
 We thought we would stay in the Escapee park just outside Pahrump but when we got there we found they only had dry campsites available (no elec. or water). Well as we needed more than a day or two we got out the Passport book to see our options. We decided on trying a park that was not a current Passport club member but would give us a discount.
 Wine Ridge RV Resort just on the edge of Pahrump. What a cool place, it has 130 RV sites and about 50 cottages. It is a resort and has two pools plus a hot tub, a restaurant, a car wash plus daily activities going on. Boy, we have never stayed at a place with quite so much going on and did I forget there is wine. They have their own vineyard and do wine sampling and tours of the vineyards and processing. 
 So we checked in for a couple days and have already extended our stay for a few more. Many of the snow birds have began the exodus northward so the place is only about half full.
 While here we are still close to Death Valley and still had some of it to check out. Luckily we still had some film left in the camera- haha.
 We headed into the park and made the winding drive to Dante's View, a beautiful view from 5400 feet overlooking the salt flats at 282 feet below sea level and much of the 110 mile Death Valley. Definitely one of the most stunning views one can see.

black line is the road

Lots of spring flowers

 We also wanted to check out Ash Meadow National Wildlife Refuge on our route home. The 24,000 acre refuge is the largest remaining oasis in the Mojave Desert. It boast 7 springs and 26 species of plant and animal that exist nowhere else on Earth.

Crystal Reservoir

Gunslinger Jack Longstreet cabin

Longstreet Spring

One of the 3 boardwalks

Kings Pool

 They have a very nice visitor center and three different boardwalks for viewing some of the springs and the rare pupfish. There is a also a recreated cabin of infamous gunslinger Jack Longstreet.