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Thursday, June 30, 2016

AHHH, Retirement

Hi all,
 We completed our time at Wendy's folks house. We had a good time and they expressed much gratitude for all the help we gave them.

 The list of projects completed included helping power wash the house, clean windows in and out, Wendy deep cleaning the interior while helping with dinners and laundry. I helped with the lawn and
changing out two toilets. I also helped Ed build a new deer stand that thankfully Wendys brother brought a tractor over to lift in place. I also got to play chauffer for Ed while Wendy assumed that role taking mom for groceries. Wendy also helped her sister Becky by making some new drapes for a camper they had just bought. ( Sheesh, Wendy even worked on a couple baskets in all that spare time.
doesn't she look happy.)
Wendy checking out the deer condo
 We also had a list of items that we wanted to get done in the camper. That list included adding a frame and cabinet doors in the back, new padding in our dining chairs, installing a couple new led lights in the bedroom, a good wipe down of all the interior, a thorough cleaning of storage compartments, and I got as far as waxing the front of the rv. In my spare time I made a Pegs and Joker board set. Boy, I guess we were a little busy.)

Our first led lighting
 So on to Mukwonago, the place where Wendy and I both were raised since the age 5&6. Muktown as locals call it lies about 30 miles west of Milwaukee. While here for the next month we will get some visits with my dad who is doing pretty good while in a nearby nursing home. We have two weddings and grandson Noahs graduation party, daughter Amanda is coming up from Florida for a week. We also have some Dr appointments, and want to see many other family and friends.
 Ooh, I did get in some real fun as Wendy was attending her nieces shower this past weekend it left an opening for brother in law Sonny and I to get in a short fishing trip. We headed to St. Germaine to a good  friend of his who was gracious enough to have us stay at his place and help him break in a brand new boat. Wow what fun, we caught a bunch of bluegills, not great in size but will make a few good meals. My bad for not getting pics, guess I was to busy reeling em in. Thanks to Sonny and extra thanks to Mike and Karen the gracious hosts.
upcoming bride great-niece Molly and Wendy's sis Patsy
Sonny getting photobombed just outside the cabin

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