Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Monday, June 20, 2016

This and That

Hi all,
 As you can tell the posts will be slowed down for the summer, it just seems that while not in travel mode we don't have as many exciting adventures to entertain ya'll.)
 We have been busy helping out Wendys folks, I have helped roof a wood shed, build a new deer stand, and really exciting I get to mow grass. Wendy stays busy with meals, laundry, and trying to get mom to remove clutter in some areas. Wendys dad still is amazing in all he still does, her mom gets frustrated at the things she no longer can do. They do appreciate the help and just having us around gives them a break from routine.
Dad working on his new deer stand(tiny house)
and this gets put on 10 foot posts.
 Last Saturday Wendys family gathered for a memorial ceremony at the High Grounds Veterans Memorial. We were honoring Wendys oldest brother David a Viet Nam Vet who sadly passed last year in January after a battle with cancer.
 We got a nice day a little hot but the site is on a high hill so we were able to catch some breeze. The ceremony was nice and it was nice getting all Wendys seven sibs all together. We later had a luncheon at the house getting in a nice visit with all.

L-R Peggy, Wendy, Vicki, Patsy Donnie, Becky, Richard, Mom, Randy, and Dad( kneeling was an attending Vet placing stone)

One day we had a nice visit with John and Judy whom we have been friends with since high school. They recently retired and have moved just east of here where they are putting up a new house. When we found out they retired we were pretty surprised, I guess John just came home one day and said that's it, I'm done. They then cleaned up the house and it was on the market ONE day with three offers! WOW. Thankfully they already owned the new property and had a big garage to store their stuff until the house gets done. We are happy for them as they begin a new part of their lives.
Judy and John with their grandson
 Fathers Day was spent with Colleen and her family here at Wendys folks house. Later her sister Becky and hubby Dan stopped over and we had a small cook out enjoying a beautiful weather day.
Back- brother-inlaw Dan, Me, Son inlaw Goyo, and Wendys Dad
 Sometimes ya just cant catch a break-- the past three years we have summered in South Dakota and after having hail damage our first year we were protecting the truck with a 10x 20 awning. It did a pretty good job but you can guess where this is leading, a storm that looked like it was going to miss us dumped a bunch of quarter size hail on my poor truck. Grrr, left a bunch of small dents mainly on the hood. Oh well, one more thing to take care of while here, our list was almost done.


  1. Always great seeing family. Not hail again, you need to find a place were the weather is calmer.

  2. George starts shaking when a t-storm rolls through here. There is a picnic shelter here that our truck and the manager's truck fits under. Fun stuff!