Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Friday, July 22, 2016

A Bit of Touring and Fun

Hi all,
 Our stay by Mukwonago is starting to wind down, only two weeks we will be headed to Custer. While we are getting hitch itch we are having a good time here. The change being here in summer verses the fall has worked out well. We have had many good visits with family and friends.
 Last weekend my brother Corey from Maryland came in for a short visit. Corey works in DC for the commerce department and was attending meetings in Chicago after the weekend. My brother Russ and I joined him for a tour of Miller Brewery for business purposes,) and we checked out Clock Shadow Creamery in downtown Milwaukee getting some good Wisconsin squeaky cheese.
Brothers Russ and Corey

 After that we got in a nice visit with dad then hurried home as we were meeting Colleen at a new festival in nearby Elkhorn.
Whoopee we got in on the first annual Ribfest!! How cool! It featured a few big name barbequers and a couple local up and coming contestants. They also featured a music stage and a craft exhibition.
 We opted for the Friday show featuring a country band. While we had a good time listening to the music we had a better time spending with Colleen and her two youngest Lukas and Isaiah.

Lukas and Isaiah enjoying a funnel cake
 Wendy and I had some time to kill one day between doctor appointments and decided to bum around downtown Waukesha a bit. Waukesha is the proud birthplace of Les Paul. Les Paul was a jazz, country, and blues songwriter, along with being a luthier and inventer. He was a pioneer of the solid body electric which made the sound for rock and roll possible. He teamed with Gibson Guitars producing the Gibson Les Paul used by the likes of Keith Richards, Paul McCartney, and Eric Clapton.( and maybe Dan Goan? fellow rver.)
 It was fun running around getting pics of the guitar statues at different locations though we only had my phone camera and I'm sure people were thinking what is this old couple doing looking for Pokémon.)

Waukesha was also noted for spring water and White Rock Bottling Co.


  1. Not sure I'm going to make it back to Custer before time to leave there. Still hoping to get back if Mom gets better.

  2. Dan would have loved that! Good to watch you having fun! Hope we meet up again soon. Where are you this winter?