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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

And We're Off

Hi all,
Remember us?? Slacking a bit but I'm sure your summer is keeping you busy to.
 Our last couple weeks in Wisconsin were a bit hectic, we needed to keep track on a calendar to make sure we could squeeze in all that we wanted.
  I want to thank all the family and friends that took time to see us, it gets difficult and we slip up and miss catching some.
 We had a nice visit with Bob and Rose whom we hosted with in Arizona. In summers Bob hosts at northern Illinois park. We decided to meet up in Lake Geneva, WI and took in a boat tour around the lake. As the weather has been extremely hot and humid we figured the lake breeze would feel good.
 They have different excursions to pick from the most famous being a mail run where they cruise up along the docks, a young girl or boy leaps off the bow and places mail in a mailbox fixed to the pier. They then leap back on the still moving boat and continue on. Sorry to tease you but we didn't do that tour as it fills fast and only goes out at 10 am.
 We chose the 2 hour full lake tour which gives you history of the many people and mansions. Lake Geneva is seven miles long and up to two miles wide. Much of the property along the lake was developed by Chicago elites. They pointed out mansions built by the Wrigleys, Maytags, Sears, and Schwinn.

 PS if you are thinking of buying land there it goes for $30,000 to $40,000 per foot of shore front. One nice feature is they maintain a public access to walk around the entire lake (21miles).
 While down in our old home range we were able to get together with some of our classmates. We would usually gather with this bunch at Christmas time and later began having a summer gathering. It is always fun catching up with these guys and we sure were glad we got a chance.
 Lastly we were happy to attend the wedding of Wendy's great niece Molly to Nick. They met attending school at Lacrosse, Wi and are now teachers. They spent the last two years teaching in Morocco, and on Sunday after the wedding were boarding a plane for a two year teaching job in South Korea, how's that for a honeymoon?

 On Monday we headed off for South Dakota for a two month volunteer there. As we drove I think we just kept getting more excited to be back to where we feel our RV life had begun. We made a stop in Adrian, Minnesota and planned one more stop somewhere in South Dakota. Well with 90 degree yuk outside we just kept in the cool truck and drove on. Luckily our site at Custer State Park was open and we were able to pull right in.

Sunflowers in South Dakota

Our first guests at Custer


  1. Good to hear from you. Enjoy your time in SD.

  2. Love following along with your smiling faces!

  3. Going home tomorrow, yay!! We'll definitely get together sometime before we leave in September.