Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Monday, October 17, 2016


Hi all,
Year 4 of this full time lifestyle is in the books, time to reflect on where we  have been and how well we have done with our budget.
  Travel highlights of the year included, 12 states, 15 national monuments or parks, and 11 state parks. Our trail ride into Bryce Canyon was the most memorable.
          RV MILES                        TRUCK MILES                     TOTAL
           5,848                                    12,754                                  18,602
 We spent 6 months volunteering( 4 mo. Roper Lake S.P. and 2 mo. Custer S.P.) and 1 month at Wendy's folks so our camp cost  remained low.

                                    2016 ACTUAL                            BUDGET
Total Spending             33,479                                          35,306

Camping                        3,487                                            7,200

Fuel                                3,183                                            5,400

Grocery                          3,741                                             4140

Dining out                      2,846                                             2,520

Entertainment                1,229                                              1,044

Truck                             1,641                                               600

RV                                 1,129                                                600

Most of these cost are variables others that are fixed like insurances and registrations are not shown.
Need to readjust higher cost for RV and Truck upgrades and repairs. Mostly offsetting this with lower fuel cost.
 Wendy's health insurance remains a big question mark again this year. She has been on a short term plan this year. For that reason plans are for us to change residency from South Dakota to Florida using the daughters physical address.            
 Other 2016 highlights was time spent with family and friends. Family time included two weddings and a grandsons graduation.
 We had visitors each month while at Roper, how cool was that. We had Wendy's brother visit us at Custer and finally met fellow bloggers Laurel and George. We had fun traveling with Tim and Renee and spending time with Rick and Rita while near LasVegas. Boy, how did we squeeze this all in??lol.
 So what does 2017 look like, so far we will spend the winter in Florida at Amanda's, after that explore some of the east coast.
 A BIG THANKS to you all for following along and being part of our adventure.


  1. You guys did better than we did with budget numbers :) Here's to year 5!!

  2. Nice summary. Hope to see you down the road.