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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Back to Wisconsin

Hi all,
Monday we made the quick exit out of Custer as the forecast was rain and dropping temperatures. After just perfect weather this past week we got up Monday to a cool light drizzle. Our trek east was into a pretty stiff wind and we just didn't have the time to pull off and wait for it to ease up. I sure won't do any bragging on the gas mileage we got.
 We made one stop just short of Sioux Falls and pressed on the next day to Wisconsin. We pulled into Wendy's parents yard for two nights, they are doing well but still nice to get in visits when possible.
  Onward south we went, good friends from high school John and Judy were building their retirement home just 20 miles south so we figured a good time to drop in. Turns out they had just moved in and we were the first guests. Wow, what a nice place they got, they made quite a few upgrades and John was on site assuring things were getting done right.
 We are so happy for them getting the chance to live their dream.( but we just don't understand anyone's dream of retiring and moving north??? haha).
 Next we made a one night driveway stay by Wendy's sister Patsy, getting in a nice dinner and chat with her and hubby Sonny.
 Finally we pulled into Mukwonago at Country View Campground home for the next week. While here we will get in some quick quality family time and a couple doctor appointments for me.
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Colleen and Wendy
 As far as plans after that Wendy and I are torn between Louisiana and a couple festivals or beach time before heading to Amanda's, we better decide soon.

Pumpkin farm near Delavan, WI 

Isaiah, Lukas, and Manuel

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  1. Looks like you had a great time. Where are you wintering.