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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas on the Farm

Hi all,
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a joyous new year soon.
We had a great Christmas but things didn't look to promising for a bit. Seems I picked up a respiratory infection again( yeah it was just last year at this time to), anyway we went to get checked out and ended up getting admitted. As I have a form of COPD things like that can be trouble.
We opted to go to the small clinic/hospital in Live Oak. In two days it worsened and I ended up getting transferred to Lake City where they have a pulmonologist on staff. What a good move that turned out to be, like going from the motel 6 to the Ritz.
 They had two different Drs. monitoring my care pretty tight, but with seeing two sometimes I felt like I was getting two stories. The early doctor seeing me at 6 am would say I was pretty bad and probably be here a while. Then the other guy would come in during the evening and tell me I was sounding better.
fun, fun
 So with Christmas fast approaching Friday afternoon I was able to get released. Not clear out of the woods though I would need oxygen at home for a bit, and with insurance companies already on break they had to pull some strings hard to get this setup. Praise God they got it done, I was able to get back home and be with loved ones for the holiday. A lot of things go through ones mind at times like this and surely puts Christmas in a different perspective.
 Enough of that on with the fun stuff, weather here for Christmas was a sunny 80 degrees, for sure the warmest we have ever experienced.
Took a ride and found a few local displays.

 Our tradition is a big ol Christmas brunch and ham dinner later in the day. Since we went fulltime a skype call to the kids in Wisconsin is now a tradition to.

 So Wendy and I are on deck skyping away when Amanda steps out, seems she had a feeling about one of her goats and sure enough she comes running and screaming babies!!! How awesome a set of twins, a baby girl and boy( Holly and Jolly).
Phoebe, Holly, n Jolly
 That excitement having made our day we got back to skyping and got to see our grandsons decipher their Christmas present. Colleen had been giving them letters throughout the morning waiting for them to unscramble the word Disney World. Cool a February vacation that we get to join along on.
 Not quite done with our excitement yet. On Monday, we noticed another of the goats segregated from the herd and acting a bit strange, sure enough Pat heard some goat scream in the barn and off we run getting to witness our first baby goat being brought into this world. Wow, we were a bit nervous as this goat a couple years ago had had a still born that required pulling from the womb, but she did okay and Tinkerbell (girl) is happy and a pretty silver like her momma.

Blanche and Tinker Bell
 Amanda and Pats plans for the goats are to maintain a herd of 20 or so, breed and sell off boy goats(she has 3 boys separated for studs). She has a male fainter goat and babies from him sell nicely. At this time not getting into the milking thing.
 So feeling better every day I need to get back at my projects here before my rent goes up.
 Again a Happy New Years to Y'all thanks for following along this year.


  1. Good to hear you are feeling better. Have a great winter.

  2. So sorry that you were/are unwell. Hope you feel right as rain soon. We know all about goats as we raised them too, for a while, until they got out and flattened our veggies.

  3. So sorry to hear that you went into the hospital! Glad you are getting better and are able to help with the cute little goats. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Wendy!