Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Bad News / Goood News

Hi all,
Dang, dang, and dang. Thought I was doing pretty good even started needing oxygen only at night,and then around new years something hit me again.
 Monday morning I ended back at hospital with  severe breathing difficulties. So now I will get treated for pneumonia. With my COPD condition they have a difficult time diagnosing pneumonia.
It was slower healing this time and we finally started to get better towards Thursday. I was released the following Sunday.
 I dang well take my time to recoup this time, although I didn't think I was pushing it last time.
I thank God I have Wendy and Amanda and Pat here to help us get through this.
 Further out I will be seeing specialist in Jacksonville for more pulmonary care.
So life goes on at the farm, a couple more baby goats making 6 since just before Christmas. Man, they are a blast to watch when little at the bouncing around they do. We got some interesting colors in a couple to. Rose a black goat who had 3 births in the past gave birth to tawny colored baby, her previous were black like her. Another tan colored goat gave birth to a chocolate and white goat, man that's a pretty goat.


Tippy and momma Daisy
 Kinda weird liking these goats, I worked on a dairy farm and Wendy was raised on a farm but we never had anything to do with goats.

Holly and Jolly born on Christmas


 Pat and Amanda took control of our lean to project and finished it off. Pat and I had gotten pretty far before I started to get sick. The lean to was to give the Alpaca cover in rain or shade from the sun. Great success we see the alpaca staying there most nights.

nice using the neighbors tractor- beam was 4x8x24feet

 Got more great news as our son Nate and grandson Alex will be flying down for a couple days at the end of the month. That along with our other daughter Colleen and her hubby and 2 younger grandkids flying down for a Disney vacation in February, looking forward to that. So I better get my health in check so we can have fun.
 Wendy continues to do some basket work and help around the house. She also helped Amanda repaint and decorate a bathroom, and all while running to see me. Yeah, I owe big time.
Thanks all for the well health wishes, very much appreciated.


  1. So sorry to hear about your health issues. Better get better for those grandkids!

  2. Oh Ray, so sorry about your health. Do take care. Enjoy the visits.

  3. My favourite kid is Tinkerbell.

  4. WOW Take care and hope you get better quickly.

  5. Get better Ray! Take care of yourself and give it time......there is more fun to be had!

  6. Thoughts and prayers for your speedy recovery.