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Friday, January 20, 2017

Looking Back

Hi all,
First off I want to thank everyone for the get better wishes, it seems to be working as I feel better every day. A return trip to the doctor was positive I can start weaning off oxygen and get exercise.
 So as I was recouping Wendy and I spent some time reflecting on where we have been and what we have done since beginning our fulltime RV lifestyle. (Lots of pictures, click on them to see them bigger)
We are now into year five, which that alone is hard to believe. Seems we had planned so many years before we did it and then never thought the day would get here, and now you know the saying time flies when you're having fun.
 So here we go with a short recap. We have traveled through 26 of the states, while a decent number, we know we have a whole lot more to explore.
 Our work camping has helped allow us to do this but does settle us down for three to four months at a time. Also our love of returning to the Black Hills of South Dakota four summers has been great but we know it is time to move on.
 We spent two great winters volunteering at Roper Lake State Park in Safford Arizona. We loved exploring the area, with Chiricahua National Monument a favorite.
Roper Lake SP

 We also volunteered one winter at Suwannee River State Park. A nice place and was close by our daughter Amanda's new location in Live Oak, Fla.
Suwannee River
 We have never had a bucket list but do say if there is one thing we always make a point seeing are our national parks and monuments. These are definitely things we try to hit upon when in a given area and Wendy collects stamps for her national park passport.
 So how have we done there? Not taking the time to sit and count each I will give a short list of our favorites.
 In Utah, Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce, Zion, and Capitol Reef are all places that rate high. Arizona has Organ Pipe, Saguaro, Grand Canyon, Chircahua, Fort Bowie, and Monument Valley.
Monument Valley
Grand Canyon
Organ Pipe
We have not spent a great deal of time in Texas but Big Bend National Park was special, also The Alamo and Lyndon B. Johnson Historical Park were worthy. We only touched slightly into California but Death Valley was amazing. Nevada holds Lake Mead National Rec. Area that we spent time checking out this past spring. In New Mexico we toured the famous Carlsbad Cavern and believe all other caves may not quite match up and also White Sands National Monument was breath taking.
White Sands
Death Valley

Big Bend
 Again, I am not close to naming all and we could have lists with refuges, fish hatcheries, and forts. We also could make a page list of state parks, another thing we check out frequently.
 Now while great being able to travel and see new things the best part of this lifestyle is meeting some of the greatest people along the way. We have met people from so many states and always enjoy the interactions that work camping presents. We have made many friends for life in some of our jobs. We have also met other bloggers whom we have made good friends with.
  Abbeville in Louisiana, specifically Betty's RV and the people we have met there stand as one of our favorite stops. The food, music, and people are just like no where else.
Group of new friends from Betty's
 Also a big part of this lifestyle is still remaining a part of our families and friends lives that we had before. We have returned back to our Wisconsin area each year for a couple months to spend time with them. That time is most cherished and we always can't wait to get back to be with our kids and grandsons.
Our grandsons
Our kids- Mandy, Nate and Colleen
So on we go well in our fifth year with no regrets and looking forward to continue with new adventures and new friends. We are truly blessed to have been able to do this.
 We appreciate you all for following along and feel free to comment in anytime.
                Thanks again, Ray and Wendy


  1. Very interesting. Betty's is magic. Wish you were here with Terri and Paul. We are having fun.

  2. I love visiting your blog. I hope someday to be able to do this myself and you're a wealth of information.

  3. Nice summary, that picture of the Betty's group is great.

  4. On to 5 more years! It has been a pleasure to read your blogs, and to finally get together in Custer several times. Hope to meet up with you guys sometime down the road.

  5. Hi! Just found your blog through Laurel's. Steve and I have spent two Summers working at Crazy Horse. We absolutely love the Black Hills! Next time there we'll probably do something different. I had to tell Wendy how beautiful her baskets are. How did you learn to do them? I just love them. Hope your health continues to improve.

    1. I learned how to start a basket at a patio talk on How to make a pine needle basket at Custer State Park. Then I bought a book and went from there. We really love the Black Hills.

  6. Hey guys, glad to hear you are doing better. Nice look back and pics. Hope we cross paths many times in the future. Keep having fun!